Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Just another day...

It was just another day for the victims of 9/11. They were going along with their morning routines, just as they had the day before. Being the victim of a terrorist plot was certainly not on their agenda. Being the victim of a tragedy is not on my agenda for today or any day. But who knows? Only the Lord knows the number of my days, so until that time comes I want to live each day to its fullest and make sure not a day goes by that the people that I love KNOW without a doubt that I love and care for them.

We visited NYC last summer. Hubs and I agree that seeing the WTC site was definitely the most poignant part of the trip. Walking up out of the subway directly onto the site took our breath away. It bombards you with emotions. At my very first glance, as my brain tried to process the sum of the devastation, my eyes were instantly brimming with tears. My heart simultaneously ached for the victims and their families and yet made me feel ferociously proud to be an American.

I pray God grants peace and comfort to all who lost a loved one on that tragic day.

On a happy note....Happy Birthday Mary, you ancient & crusty 30 year old!!!

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Mary said...

Well, thank you Brooke for the Happy Birthday. As traumatic as it was, I DID make it through it. Always somewhat of a depressing day although. At least nobody ever forgets my birthday!!!!!!!!