Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's a windy Wednesday Halloweenie!

Not much going on here today. I woke up with a headache...a stress hangover from yesterday I think! So I just chilled this morning, did a load of laundry, "swished & swiped" the bathrooms in an effort to keep the house appearing clean, drank coffee and browsed a few of my favorite blogs. There are SO many talented creative women out there. The ideas that pour off of these blogs are incredible!

I stayed irritated all day yesterday at brown haired rascal and his lack of bookeeping skills. I had a glass, well...ok 2 glasses, of wine with dinner and that seemed to take the edge off! I love grapes. I waited until hubs got home from work to share the news so he would not have to have added stress while at work. His head spun around in a Linda Blair worthy performance! Once he recovered from the initial shock, he then determined that since we just went through this with dumb-dumb 2 months ago, that he was not going to jump in and rescue him right away.

When I talked to brown haired rascal yesterday I told him that he had made some financial decisions, as a man, and now he would have to figure out how to handle it like a man. I told him he better NOT come over, shrug his shoulders, blame the bank and ask for money. I explained that he was fully responsible and accountable for this and so he needed to think it over and come up with a plan on how he would be rectifying this, and then come talk to us.

If I could borrow Harry Potter for an hour or so, I would have him cast a spell on 7 year old blonde rascal to keep him 7....and then BLAMO in 15 years he would just pop into a 22 year old college graduate with a nice stable secure job and all the common sense in the world! Sure that would mean 15 years of muddy handprints on all door frames, 65 questions a day, me having to explain why you don't say OR spell for your friends the swear word that you heard in a movie, playing "Sorry" 6 times a day, stepping on hotwheels all over the house, finding candy wrappers, rocks, sticks, hotwheels in the dryer,....ahhh reading stories cuddled up together, him calling me "Momma"....see it wouldn't be so bad! By-passing the teenage years would be SOOOO worth it!!

Here is a picture of the table runner I am going to make for blonde rascal's teacher for Christmas...

Cute, eh? Now if helping out in her classroom is not enough, then this little diddy will surely secure some brownie points for me I hope!!

I did get started on it last night. This of course is still in the rough stage...

We are going to the festival at MIL's church tonight. Luckily (for me) it is a school night so gee darn we need to be home by 7:30 to get all showered and calmed down for bed!!! I aim to pilfer a Reese's cup or two, hopefully some Whoppers, out of blonde rascal's haul! Chocolate is, almost, as good of a balm for the nerves as wine!!

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