Thursday, October 4, 2007

Missy, the wonder pup, makes a new friend!

Missy, our cute as a button 7 month old miniature dachshund, is such a little pistol. She has absolutely no idea that she is an 8lb hot dog. What she does not have in size she makes up for in personality and attitude! She is up for any activity, has to be in the middle of everything and no challenge is too big for her.
We have a pasture next to our front yard. This is not normally where our cattle are. Those bad boys are normally in the back pasture. But alas the front pasture needed a little "mowing" so we get the cows right on that. I am from Houston remember, a tenderfoot city girl, I married into all of this cowboy stuff, so I am clueless. They are boy cows(which is an oxymoron because cows are girls), but they are not bulls because, well they can't be "the baby daddy" due to a little gruesome population control procedure that they all endured, so I believe they are called steers! All of that info is really not necessary for this story, just shines a little light on my bovine ignorance!
So anyway, the steers are in the pasture right next to our front yard. So when Missy goes into the front yard to do the doo, she is immediately sidetracked and perplexed by these huge smelly creatures in her territory. She must get to the bottom of this.

"Hey...hey you! What ARE you and why are you in my yard?"



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