Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Quilty Homework

Our homework from my quilt class last week was to complete our block and read a few pages in the book about the block we are going to make this Thurs. Yipee....I finished my homework with one day to spare! That is sooo not how it would have gone down in college. In college I would get warmed up to start a paper at about 10pm the night before it was due. Then there would be rounds of Mountain Dew and No Doz (this was the pre Red Bull era) and that would keep me going til 4 or 5am. Sure I would get my paper turned in on time but then I would skip all the rest of my classes and sleep! (Sorry Mom & Dad, I know you were footing the bill for all that nonsense!) Exactly the kind of thing I would just KILL brown haired 19 year old rascal for now! We live and learn... thank you Lord for that! Well truthfully it was all due to the bad influence of my roommate Cathy. She was a smart little toot and the all-nighter thing always panned out for her. Studying was never my cup of tea, or Mountain Dew as the case may be, so I figured I would follow her lead and procrastinate until the last possible minute! Thank goodness I do not live with Cathy now or I might have been tempted to give the Red Bull a run for its money and stayed up tomorrow night to finish my quilty homework! I have changed my evil ways from the good old college days though, well some of them anyway! Cathy I know you are out there "blurking" ( blog lurking as my friend Kristen calls it)!! Now you have to come out of the woodwork and defend your bad study habits!!!! She knows I love her.... AND I have to say she, and our other roommate Joetta, (I also suspect her of blurking) who I might add abandoned Cathy and I our jr. year to get married, are the ones who inspired me to start sewing!!! Those fab wrap skirts of the early 90's. I owe the dawning of my sewing hobby to those two!
Anyway, now that my bedroom closet has been cleaned out I am moving on to the sewing room closet. It is a disaster of epic proportions. I am going to work on it and I will then show you my future quilting projects which I seem to have accumulated a lot of. This quilting thing is a sickness!

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kristen lewis said...

You have no idea how it thrills my heart that I was directly mentioned in your blog! I feel like I have arrived!!!