Saturday, October 20, 2007

Young love, young heartbreak, young...recovery!

Here is 19 year old brown haired rascal. This was in May after graduation. He is, obviously, a cutie! When hubs and I got married the little toot was 7 years old. That was well and good because he was all cute and sweet and innocent. Of course he quickly became a tween and then, God help me, a teenager! He remained cute and sweet, I doubt innocent, but still a teenager. Some days I wanted to poke myself in the eye with needles rather than handle any more migraine inducing teenage situations!

Back to him being cute. Well, from an early age...say 10...the ladies have loved him. The little hussies started calling him at about 11 years old! Where were their mother's for pete's sake??? So from that point on there was a different "girlfriend" every 3 or 4 days. We kept our thumb on him and didn't think much of it then. At about 14 it became non-stop girls calling. Then at about 15 he was "dating" a different girl every 3 or 4 days! Some of these girls he never even met! We laughed about it and never could keep up with it all. Every once in a while one would last a few weeks but that was rare.

At the end of his junior year he started dating a girl from another city that he met at an FFA function. They dated a few months over the phone and then broke up. Then he immediately started dating one of that girl's friends! This one stuck! He dated her for over a year. She is a nice girl and we liked her but once we saw it was lasting months, instead of hours like all the old ones, we became more concerned. We wanted him to take it slow and not become so serious. We lectured him about how hubs and brown haired rascal's mom got married way too young, with hubs regretting not waiting longer for marriage. I told him how I had a steady boyfriend all through college and I for sure regret that! We explained how you have all of your life to be married but such a short wonderful time where the world can be your canvas, before the true pressures & responsibilities of adult life begin, so don't spend that time tied down to a girl in a serious relationship! No doubt just like everything else we ever tried to tell him, he thought we were stupid. They got serious, she moved here this summer. (Please! She didn't move IN with him, she had her own apt.!)

Again we thought her a nice girl and enjoyed having her around, but they are both so immature and needed to grow up, find their way! We worried that they were thinking marriage...and we again encouraged them to slow down, too young, etc... But, oh, gasp, sigh...they were so in love!!!

Well, earlier this week girlfriend broke up with brown haired rascal. In my humble opinion, she was not ready to be away from home and needs to do a little more maturing. But alas, rascal was heartbroken and sad and bewildered. We hurt for him, knowing that pain of young love is real. We encouraged him and told him he would live!!!! So that first night a bunch of his buddies from high school rallied around him and they hung out, to help him in his time of devastation!

The next evening he and a friend were over at our house cleaning out the barn...nothing like good hard labor to make you forget your woes! They finished and went to Sonic to get a coke. Rascal calls later in the evening and relays the following story.... they ordered, waited a few minutes and then here comes the cute carhop. She hands them their order and says to
rascal "Here is your reciept...and my phone # is on the back!" BAM...heartbreak over....he is back in the game!!!!

Heaven help me!


Mary said...

Good luck is all I can say. At least you don't have to worry about her passing the cosmetology exam anymore. ha,ha

Lori E. said...

For crying out loud, would brown rascal die if he knew you had a blog?? I am glad he is back in the saddle again. I will pray for you!!