Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vein in my forehead, Christmas presents and Harry!!!!!

It is not even 11 am and I need to visit with Jose Cuervo.

The morning started out great, got blonde rascal to school, went to the gym where my mind kicked butt! Running is 95% mental, in my opinion. I had a great run, my mind told my body to shut up and keep going! I felt great, the endorphin high was pulsing through me!

I come home to a message on the machine from the bank regarding, you guessed it, 19 year old brown haired rascal's acct.
I called the poor lady at the bank who has to deal with these accts. Bless her heart, wouldn't you hate that job? It is overdrawn PAST the $500 overdraft protection they provide. WHHHAAAAATTTTTTTT???????? I felt my blood pulsing through my veins, the one on my forehead bulging. The awesome runners euphoria that was in my blood stream had been instantly replaced with rage! I felt my eye start to twitch. I think that poor innocent woman on the phone heard me say something about a "little dumb shit".

I paid the $150 check he had written to pay his cell phone, which pushed it over the overdraft protection limit, so the check would not be returned. He gets paid on the 1st, which at that point $716 of his paycheck will go to cover his goofs. That is more than half of his paycheck!!!! I had them shut off his debit card and told them he would be in on the 1st to settle this and then they were to close his acct!!!!! As if this is not all bad enough, he did this 2 months ago and his Dad bailed him out. Dad is going to be livid and NOT bailing him out this time.

I have made a list of a few of the options the little punk has to rectify this situation that I will be sharing with him once I calm down enough to call him, the first option being pulling his big fat head out of his butt! Another one being giving him the address to the plasma donation center. Another one being living in a box under a bridge. Another one being.... I have to stop talking about this... I think I am having chest pains.

Here is what I am going to make for blonde rascal's teacher for Christmas, this cutie tooty table runner... well nevermind I can't get the picture to load. I'll try again tomorrow and maybe I'll have some progress to show!


Don't read any farther if you are currently or are planning in the future to read the Harry Potter series... which I highly, very highly, recommend you do!!!!

Spoiler ahead....

Stop now....

Go back....

Harry lived bless my soul!!!!!! What an incredible series. That Rowling, what an amazing imagination she has to come up with that long of a series with such an indepth and twisted plot! I am in awe of her.
So Harry did it!! He fought evil and won. He had love in his heart and courage and loyalty and determination!!!

I had this feeling Snape really was a good guy, even though I had serious doubts at some points. I wondered if Draco ever thanked Harry for saving him? I doubt it since their children sneered at each other in the epilogue. I loved how Mrs. Weasley went nuts on Voldemort at the end, you go girl!!!! Ron and Hermione married...you could see that one coming. And Harry and Ginny...just so sweet! I am sad it is over and I never imagined a series 7 books deep and some 4,000 or whatever pages long would ever keep my interest. Boy was I wrong!

I have to go now. I am going to go find the Valium, massage my forehead and then possibly smoke crack.

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Mary said...

Oh my Lord, WHY were step-kids ever invented is all I have to ask. I'm dealing with a 13 yr old who bawls when dad tells her to put her denim jacket (her 2nd skin, never comes off) in the wash, she says I snorted at her about it. WHAT?!!?!!!??? Brooke, you have my FULL sympathies!! Will it ever end??