Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend wrap up.

Another weekend flies by.

Saturday morning was book club. This month we read
“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.” Good book. The story follows an autistic kid trying to figure out who killed a dog in his neighborhood. It was fascinating to read about how and why he, with autism, acted the way he did. It was very insightful.

Saturday evening was the Fall Festival at blonde rascal’s school. Here are the cookies I made for the cake walk. I cannot take credit, the recipe came from Shabee Chick’s blog. Hers looked so much better!

Blonde rascal was a skeleton pirate. He wanted to be a motocross rider. He did not like my “use what we have’” method of motocross costume. He thought we could go to the local Honda Power-Sports store and pick up a real motocross uniform, for what would probably amount to somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 or more! I told him that was not happening, I mean sure if Mommy was a rock star or something, but she is how about a skeleton pirate? We have a skeleton shirt, a glow in the dark skeleton shirt at that! $12 on face paint, pirate hat & sword at Wal-Mart and call it good!

Hubs was in a golf tourney so he, regrettably I am sure, could not join in on the festival fun. As Blackbeard and I were about to leave we noticed some steers wandering around in the back, out of the fenced pasture. So after a moment of stealth steer investigating on my part, I determined that our cattle were secure and the wayward steers were not ours but the neighbors. A quick little ringy-dingy and I also determined the neighbors were not home. So I call hubs, who may I remind you is golfing, and explain the dilemma. He tells me to run them into our front pasture and shut the gate. Sure, sure dear I can do that. Whatever! So I grab Blackbeard’s plastic sword and take off after those slabs of beef. I walk up behind them and try to push them up into the pasture. I pulled up all of my cowboy cattle calls that I could find in my mental rolodex. The cowboy section is dusty, from lack of use, after a few “yip yips” and a couple “hey steer” shout outs while making a threatening stance with my Wal-Mart pirate sword, one steer then darts off. That 600lb dumbass obviously was not taking me, or my swash buckling, seriously! Cattle are herd animals so the other 3 fool steers followed suit . I knew they would not go far with so much to eat all around and they would stay close to our steers, so I threw in the towel. I had no intention chasing those bozos all over creation!

I took my sword and my little pirate and went and suffered at the Fall Festival with all 800 students in attendance, or so it seemed! Noise, lots of noise, long lines for the games and ridiculous amounts of sugar ingested by Blackbeard. It was painful.

After church today we had lunch at TGI Fridays. I had some wicked good salmon pasta. I have stayed full all day as a result. Blah! We spent the afternoon accomplishing lots of the little to - do stuff that stacks up. Hubs mowed the grass and changed air filters. I washed some windows on the outside, watered flowers, added a coat of stain to a table lamp that I had painted. I was going for the distressed look, I am not real sure it turned out right.... We then hung a couple of valances, one over the kitchen sink and one in my sewing room. Now I am just pooped and want to crawl in to bed! It is windy and has gotten much cooler as the evening has gone on. Yippee~ fall might be arriving finally!

Oh...yes the steer debacle did get handled in the end. I know you will sleep better knowing the outcome of this story. Turns out neighbor man was out of town for the weekend, wifey was not at home but she is a city girl like me so even if she had been home she would not have been much help! I would have let her borrow the sword though. I am a good neighbor. So when hubs got home we still had 4 at our house which we penned, we drove over to the neighbors house and 9 were running loose on their property and the back gate which goes into a cotton field was open where 6 more steers were loose! Hubs saved the day and got them penned, left the gate open for those still "touring" the cotton field and they eventually came back. It was pitch black at the time all of this was going on. Chasing steers in the dark, how did I end up like this?


plumtickled said...

I too have had the oh so fun chance of chasing wandering cows back into a pasture. Too many times to be exact!

They weren't even my cows but a neighbors cows and man..... can they tear up a yard, eat all of your almost ready to eat corn, turn over BBQ grills.....(that one freaked me out a bit, did they know what we cooked on it?)...... all the while staring at you and trying to make you believe they're super dumb but all the while....... they kicking out butts!

I feel for ya! And, love the pirate costume.....

Tell your blonde one.... that it scared the pants off of me! Spooky!

Lori E. said...

Blonge rascal's costume is way better than a motocross guy!! He looked great and so did the cookies. You go on girl!!