Monday, October 15, 2007

It's Monday

It's Monday again. We had an uneventful weekend. Aunt Gay (I am steadfastly trying to figure out why I can't do a hurts my brain. If I had a link then you could click on "Aunt Gay" and read about her in my previous posts...but I am a remedial blogger, so I am sorry! Stick with me and I will get it sooner or later!) was in town. We went to the quilt store where I bought these books

I just have sooooo many things I want to make, there are not enough hours in the day!!! First item of business is to take a class to figure out how to work that bad boy Pfaff that I adore! Anyway I am pleased to report that Gay outspent me at the quilt store by a long-shot! She bought a cool foot for her Bernina that sews the binding right on the quilt. Good heavens that is brilliant.

I am distracted today. My cat, Val, his lower jaw swelled up on Saturday. (That sounds horribly grammatically incorrect! But I just don't care enough right now to think of how to re-word it!) From what we could tell at that point it was not a tooth so we called the vet and he said it may be a bite of some kind and to give him a little Benadryl. Well as you can imagine that went over like a ton of bricks with Val! So yesterday evening, he was still very swollen and he started to drool a little blood. I took Val to the vet first thing this morning and they are going to sedate him and see what they find in his mouth.
Here is Val

Yes, he always does his best to look aloof! This was last Easter and he may very well have been pissed that the Easter Bunny did not leave him a tasty morsel! That was also Val at his fighting weight of about 19lbs. "Big boned" you see. About 4 months ago he started drinking water like a fiend. He still acted like he felt ok, his usual grumpy self, and continued to eat. He weighed 14 lbs this morning. He is 11 years old. So the the vet is also going to run some blood work and see what they find.

I have been all sniffly and weepy off and on since Saturday. It rips my heart out to see any of my animals uncomfortable. And in the back of my mind I know he is old and could go down hill quickly. Val, short for Valentine (original huh?), was my Valentine's Day present the year after we got married.

I have all of this nervous energy while I am waiting for the vet to call. So I am about to start cleaning the house like a wild woman! That will be at least one good thing for this Monday!!!

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