Monday, October 22, 2007

Fall Fashion!

I swore I would never be one of those people who dress their dog. But that was before I got Missy.

I mean seriously it must be cold that close to the ground!

Like any girl would, the first thing Missy does is run off to show her friends...

"Hey guys look at my new coat! Mom says faux fur/leopard print is all the rage this season!"

All the while I am am yelling, like any Mom would..."MissyGETbackhereandDONOTgetcowcraponyourNEWcoat!!!!!"

It must be rough being so darn cute...and fashionable too!


Anonymous said...

Brittney-- I mean Brooke you totally amuse me!!! I wonder if they make a coat like that in Border Collie sizes!!!

kristen lewis said...

You know why I love you, Brooke? Because I can't quite figure you out. You smoke cigars, have a boob job, and yet you dress up your dog and quilt. None of this really seems to fit in my mind, but you pull it off with style. I love it!