Saturday, October 13, 2007

Can I get a Woooo-Hooo!

No lengthy, laborious, ridiculous story about my life today, how lucky for you!

Just a shout out for my Red Raiders! I am an alumni of Texas Tech University. I am not a football fan really, and neither is hubs praise God, but I do love to watch my alma mater play. Today they played Texas A & M.... grrrrrrrrr. I know, I know it is a good school. However those Aggies talk a lot of smack and they are such a cocky bunch. So when Tech puts a whoop on them it makes me deliriously crazy happy, equalled only by beating U.T. So I kicked back today with some chips & hot sauce and a cold brewsky, in true college spirit, and watched a wonderful game yelling and cheering the whole time! By the by, the final was 35 - 7!!! So sorry you silly Aggie punks, go back to College Station!
Yeee haw! Get yer' guns up!!!

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Lori E. said...

Yea, if you had been at the game and your whole day revolved around the game you would not be Woooo-Hooooing. You KNOW what I am saying.......just kidding, I am glad it brought you joy!!