Thursday, November 1, 2007

Coming down off the sugar high!

It is a sunny, cooler November 1st here in West Texas! Missy found a ray of sunshine to bask in this morning.

Last night we partied hardy at the fall festival at MeeMaw's church. Blonde rascal headed directly to the hair coloring booth as he wanted to try out being a red head for the night!

I coached him as we went in to the festival, explaining that he needed to pick up some chocolate here and there for the woman who brought him into this world. He prefers all the suckers and hard candy junk. How disappointing for a mom to rummage through the candy bag, after junior is cozily tucked in bed for the night, only to find nerds, dots and blow-pops! I picked up a Twix after I crawled through a maze on my hands and knees, which I felt I completely deserved! Then I did manage to procure a few pieces of chocolate here and there which have now been stashed away for safe keeping!

MeeMaw suggested, just as any good grandparent would, as we were leaving the festival that she would love to buy blonde rascal some ice cream. I mean it makes sense for MeeMaw to buy him ice cream, after he had main lined sugar at the festival all night, since after ice cream we dropped HER off at her tidy warm quiet house....and I took him home where he was howling at the moon and I finally had to peel him off the ceiling to get him in bed!!! I am tucking that knowledge away for when I become a grandparent!

I too indulged in ice cream, after a healthy fall festival dinner of a hot dog and cheetos, and then candy here and there! However, I firmly believe life is too short to EVER pass up ice cream. I paid for my night of Halloween sins this morning on the treadmill. I have been cleansed and forgiven... by large amounts of sweat!

I am going to do a little cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping today. Hubs is going out of town to a roping this weekend. I am not leaving the house all weekend!! I have 3 "picture/scrapbooky" gifts I am making for Christmas presents that I want to get started on. I am going to buy shelves for the closet in my sewing room and hopefully get that all organized. There is my weekend gameplan in a nutshell... get a little organized, put some thought into Christmas planning & enjoy hanging out with blonde rascal. Whenever one of the parental unit is gone overnight it is "sleepover" time for him. He claims his spot in our bed! So no doubt there will also be some fun snuggle, movie watching time too this weekend!

Happy November!

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plumtickled said...

Sounds great to me too...... well, except for the cleaning and organizing part.

Enjoy your weekend..... my boys used to "camp out" with me when they were litte too. I miss that so much!