Monday, November 5, 2007

It's Monday, and here is what I think...

I think the time change is silly. Seriously, just exactly how much energy is saved? Really. I wondered around all day yesterday wondering what time it was. I mean I changed the clocks in the kitchen and our alarm clocks of course, but the rest of them kept me on my toes!

I do love it getting dark early. It means being inside my cozy house all snug as a bug. Lamps casting their soft glow, a candle or two burning....I love that feeling. I am sort of like Sybil though. I LOVE being at home and am so happy when I don't have to leave, but then I also thrive on being with friends and having crazy fun. That is it, my self diagnosis....split personality!

I made my blog more winter/fall like...darker. And speaking of that I do believe it is time to go to the salon for a little darker shade! Sure, blonde more graciously blends in the "teenager having" induced springy gray hairs but time for a change, summer is over people!

I think Missy found a human leg bone this morning. Really. I'm serious dude.

I feel a new episode of CSI in the making!

I think I need to paint my kitchen and dining room. We bought our house 2 years ago. At that time it was only 2 years old. Which was nice because everything was still for the most part fresh and new. BUT the dining room, columns and breakfast area all have this brick/vine effect. I mean, "artistically" speaking it is incredible.

The bricks are carved out and the vines are raised. It is an artists work and I am sure it cost a fortune, but sadly it is just not my thing. When we first moved in I didn't like it and wouldn't have chosen it but it was sort of a unique conversation piece. And with Thanksgiving fastly approaching I was too busy unpacking and getting ready for the holidays to worry about it. But, that was two years ago and now I am done with the brick situation! Done!

Enough, thanks. No more.

Please, make it stop!

For crying out loud there are grapes in the breakfast area!

However as I sit around and stare at it, and it really does make the "stay at home Sybil" nutty, I can't decide how to remedy it. I mean I will have to sand it out. Then fill it in to match the rest of the texture on the wall. THEN the walls have a glaze or stain or something top coat, which I would have to match. All of which is outside of my talent range. I am cheap and refuse to hire a professional to fix it. So I thought ok I can match it, I mean the glaze would be kind of forgiving when it comes to blending right?

Well I could just sand it out, fill it in and paint a different color....BUT I am not capable of picking out paint colors. In our last house all rooms were "dusty trails" which I loved but copied from a friend's house. When I painted my sewing room yellow, I used the same color that my next door neighbor used. I can't pick out paint! I mean there are 300 gazillion choices and how do you really know what it will look like? But, oh joy, once again go to Daisy Cottage and see her "olive #4" by laura ashley. I think I really could go for that!!! The rest of the house is the usual khaki whatever color and I think the olive would blend nicely and be soothing. So, wish me luck as I continue to wrap my brain around this project. Any suggestions?

I think I was wrong about Katie Holmes! I thought she just wore Manilo Blahniks, hung out with that sullen Posh and spent preposterous amounts of money on clothes for Suri. But sister friend ran the NYC marathon yesterday!!!! Crap! Girlfriend has been running! I mean I read People and I never knew this! I guess the Cruise compound has its own track and I am sure every hotel penthouse they stay in has a private one too. Don't get me wrong, I still think her husband is a freak show but I can't hold that against her now.
She ran it in like 5.5 hours. I think I could hang with that time. Somewhere deep down running the NYC is a desire of mine. I am not competitive at all, and I don't run for speed but instead endurance, selfish "me" time, my health and to never have guilt over a yummy indulgence when I want it! I really enjoy running and is one of my true loves. I am not a goal setter, I am too much of a slacker for that. But when the time is right, and I feel it in my soul, then I will train and do it. I need to train and run a few 1/2's first. I need a running partner...none of my friends run...any volunteers out there in blog land??!?

I think that is all of my worthless drivel soapbox for today. I will stop now! What time is it by the way?

Buh-bye bloggies!


kristen lewis said...

I love your brick wall. Maybe I am out of date, but I think that it is really cool! Also, that is DEFINITELY a human femur. Yikes!

Mary said...'re continuing to let the dog chew on a human leg????!!!! So what is CSI going to say about that???

judi said...

Okay.... that would drive me nuts too! I lived in a trailer for 6 years.... I live in South Georgia, it's part of our lifestyle..... anyhoo.... the kitchen had glass cupboards with FAUX GOLD ETCHING.... I hated it with all my being!

I'd stare at it daily with disgust till removing them and then covering them with a lovely blue check..... 90's ya'll..... and replacing. Ah, so much better.

I don't envy you with the work you have ahead. Be sure to post!

Oh, I've used the color River Reed for my bedroom and love it. A really cool green color.

Meredith said...

You crack me up!! I'd stick with the wall and tell new visitors you did it yourself. Then they'd just sit around and be all impressed with your mad painting skills.

I've needed to repaint our downstairs bath for six years!! Not high on my list of priorities. And it's seriously the size of a shoebox...would take no time. So I commend any effort you make on this.

IN fact, our whole house needs a makeover. I'm just too tired to attempt it!

Have a good day!

sharon said...

Seen anyone walking around lately with one leg in your area? OMG LOL!!!!