Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Here is blonde rascal after we got the tree up. It was Sunday night, he was showered, jammied & hair slicked back and sadly it was too late to get the ornaments on but he was entertaining himself with the tree anyway. He had his motorcycle rider figure guy, Ricky Carmichael, and was throwing him into the tree and laughing about how he landed all askew in the tree limbs. Easily entertained? Yes. However add to amusement the fact that "Tricky Ricky", as I like to call him, only has one arm. Could have been a motocross accident that caused this loss, sure that would be obvious. But at our house with blonde rascal in charge, the loss of a limb more likely would have resulted from being thrown onto the roof and sliding off, or rolled over by his bike, or diving into a mud hole...the possibilities are endless. Well it sure entertained blonde rascal to chunk one armed Tricky Ricky into the tree and watch him flop and flail through the branches. Weird kid. I think Tricky Ricky ended up sleeping in the tree that night.

So all of the decorations are up. I might post pictures this week. I realized I need to add tree skirts to my "to do" list of cutsie quilting projects for next Christmas. Many moons ago I had a precious Mary Engelbreit tree skirt but my cats, who were much more frisky than they are now, chewed all the embellishments off....demolished it. So then I bought a cheap Walgreens red felt skirt because I thought what the heck it gets covered up with presents. Well sure it gets covered up with presents but that does not stop the red felt skirt from being cheesy! So that only lasted one year. Then I think I started using old quilts, which looks cute but come on, now that I am an official novice quilter it is only right that I make a fabulous tree skirt!! Next year, next year I will do that!

This time last year I had 95% of my shopping done. Currently I have .05% of my shopping done. I am in funk or something. I am lacking ideas and that makes me want to procrastinate. But I can't do that because I order most of my gifts online and if I procrastinate too much then I'm sunk! I will however avoid the mall with every ounce of my being. The mall gives me I.B.S.

I put a whoop on those Thanksgiving leftovers. All in the trash, gone, buh-bye. Blech.... I think I want enchiladas or something on Christmas! A little turkey goes a long way. And sadly all the snow from turkey day has melted. Blonde rascal went through 6 dozen pairs of socks, sweats and then lost 2 pairs of gloves during the holiday snow! I found all of his gloves and took possession of my leopard trim gloves! Today I finally got all the laundry under control. Now I have another "one of those weeks" ahead. Tomorrow the much needed hair appt. The springy gray hairs must be conquered! Thursday is my machine quilting class which I am so pumped up about! Friday & Saturday we have Christmas Parties. Friday night is also scrapbook night with the girls so I will be ducking out early from the Christmas party because hanging with the girls is SOOOO much more fun than any old lame Christmas party!

Next weekend my pal Lorie is hosting her annual Christmas Cookie Exchange Party. (For those of you who might have read this blog from the beginning, this is not the same friend Lori that I had to give the alias "Jennifer Aniston". No, no THAT Lori is a shifty character, secretly involved in heaven only knows what. Actually the rumor now is that she is involved in some type of Mary Kay type cult. Anyway due to all of that she demanded an alias should she ever be mentioned on my blog to protect her identity. Christmas cookie Lorie, on the other hand, is sweet and kind and sleeps easily every night with a conscience as pure as the driven snow, she would never demand nor even need an alias. Such a good girl she is.) Whoops I got off on a silly tangent! Now I must not procrastinate with the cookie research. I have to make 6 dozen cookies...any suggestions for yummy, and ahem...easy cookies!!

That is probably more, way more, than enough ranting for one night!
Good night!


sharon said...

WOW I'm pooped from readiing all that. LOL!!!!! Love the photo of Blonde Rascal looking at the tree. And of course my fav.cookie is either sugar or chocolate chip. But that's probably what everyone wants to make. So.......your on your own!!! But do feel free to send some of whatever it is you decided to make to me!

Anonymous said...

OK, Quilty Chick all I have to say is what alias???? And I am just almost borderline offended. I need to work on repairing my rep., maybe I should be less of an enigma. Hey everyone in B.'s blog-land that does not know me......my alias is Jennifer Anniston because I look EXACTLY like her, maybe a little thinner and prettier. (lol)

Anonymous said...

I am rolling!!!! You crack me up. I never knew you thought so highly of me...or am I really just that down right boring. "Jennifer Anniston" gets to have all the fun.

Mary said...

Brooke, I cannot believe that you are slacking so badly on the Christmas list!! What is going on?? Usually you are waaaaaay finished by now. Guess you're just keeping way too busy with "Jennifer" to get the shopping done!!! he,he,he