Saturday, November 3, 2007

I learned from the masters!

After months and months of reading blogs I found the common thread running between most of the fabulously decorated homes....thrift sales, yard sales and Goodwill! These ladies find amazing treasures in the raw or they are talented enough to tweak or repurpose them! I had never been to the Goodwill store, not that I am opposed, just never gave it any thought. I had time to kill yesterday before school got out so I stopped in. I was pleasantly suprised...the Pine Sol smell wafted over me as I entered, when I expected a musty grandma's attic/garage sale smell! Let me tell you this is a gold mine for young people starting out, you could furnish an entire apartment. They have furniture, sure some of it a little dated, but overall in good shape. Nothing a slipcover couldn't fix!

So I went to browsing...I was searching for real treasures that I have read about other people finding....silver tea sets, fine china, etc... For instance go to Daisy Cottage and see how this talented ingenious woman decorated her entire beautifully lovable cottage!!!

Here is what I found on my journey...

I adore transferware, this piece is a poor attempt with the only marking on the back being "$5" written in black sharpie...but hey it is cute!!!

Then there was this little jewel...

A fun Christmas serving platter, original price tag still on it $60, I paid $10!

So my first visit to the Goodwill ended in $15 and two usable goodies! I will be going back!


Lori E. said...

OK,I am posting......I love the table runners you are making. I love the finds from the Goodwill store. Who would have thunk it?? You go Quilty Chick!

daisy cottage said...

You scored! :-)
I'm so glad you had fun thrifting at Goodwill - there will be no stopping you now!

P.S. Thank you for your kind compliment too!