Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Girl Power!

I have nothing even remotely worthy to report today. I have not finished my table runner, nor have I started some photo-ie Christmas presents, nor have I organized my sewing room closet, nor have I started the advent calendar that will be finished by Christmas. Relax would you? I'll get them done sooner or later!

Since the start of my blog I have burdened you with my woes resulting from the unfair male to female ratio that I am overwhelmed by. This poor city girl floundering out here in the West Texas wilderness surrounded by males. Human males, horse males, male cats, male steers AND then all stuff that goes along with said males... messes, manure, guns, trucks, dirt left behind in the bath tub, bodily noises, stinky socks, ringworm, tools, more dirt, scratching, mystery stains...where does it end? If girls were the majority there would be more pink, first of all. Followed by glitter and Barbies and dress up fairy princess outfits and nail polish and sparkly costume jewelry and baby dolls that pee and and cute prissy clothes and....

Well such is not the case. I will show you the "girls" I have to bond with around here.....

First of all we all know and love Missy.

Missy and I are BFF's like Paris and Nicole. (Are they still friends?) We got her at the end of April when she was 8 weeks old.
It has been one big party since then. She and I are kindred spirits, if you will. Well, except that I can control my bladder when people come to the door to visit. She is silly and loves to have fun. She appreciates a good nap. She wants to be in the middle of all the action.

She LOVES to hang out with her friends!

And probably most significantly...

She too reads "In Style" and understands how important it is for a fun loving gal to add a little leopard print to her wardrobe!

Next on the girl list is Bianca. She is our Border Collie.

She prefers pink leopard print.

If you are not familiar with Border Collies, then let me explain that they are driven and OBSESSED with their "jobs". They are working dogs all the way, all the time. Bianca can hardly relax and there is no down time in her life. Which is not a concept I can grasp because I am ALL about down time, I am usually always on "island time" and have no desire to be obsessed with anything, well except People magazine!

You don't initially know a Border Collies "jobs" but it does not take long to pick them out. Probably Bianca's #1 job is water. She is obsessed with herding water. She will hear a sprinkler come on 5 miles away and go chase it. She will run herself to death chasing any running water.

Here is blonde rascal in the steer water trough... I know unsanitary on SO many levels, but notice Bianca who is trying to herd any and all splashes that come out of the trough. (By the way I got in the water trough too. It was AFRICA hot that day and well, I will not miss out on any fun! Neither one of us got mad cow disease or jungle fever so the water couldn't of been that dirty!)

Bianca's other jobs are chasing motors. Luckily not cars, but katie bar the door when she hears a 4 wheeler or lawn mower. Those bad boys need to be herded in her little mind! And oh Lordy watch out when the boys rope...she wants to be all over that horse running/steer chasing scene!!! While I don't understand the urgency of her work ethic, you could never ever find a more gentle or kind dog. She has a sweet soul.

On to the barn now. You remember Josie?

She understands my plight as she too is surrounded by boys. We see eye to eye, Josie and I do. She likes to run and work up a good sweat. So do I. Except I prefer to do my running without a full grown man on my back!

She also appreciates a good meal.

Own it sister!

Remember these chumps?

Gary, Patrick and Sandy? All of Spongebob fame. Sex unknown. Well upon further inspection today I saw no evidence of any manhood. So the ratio may have just gone up a little in my favor!

Lastly, while I love my friend Josie, I am not a horse rider. Beautiful majestic animals right outside my door but I just really have no desire to ride. I prefer a little more control over the throttle. I like a few more "horses" under the hood. Yeah baby, 0-60 in like 2.6 seconds! A little adrenaline rush for this demure and tranquil housewife. Here is my girl...

Come to momma!


Meredith said...

Hysterical! You have quite a "posse" of ladies on the farm!

Lori E. said...

Ok, Brooke I am going to comment on a couple at a time. Because that is just how I roll. Amen to the Girl Power and I like the new blog design. Also, the human bone??? Maybe you should call someone. Maybe your P.A. across the street could do some testing?? And one more thing, RUN that marathon girl!!!

kristen lewis said...

You make me laugh. I am glad to know that you determine the gender on a cat by the absence of manhood. Nice.