Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Weekend Wrap Up.

It has been a quiet wonderful weekend. Hubs is still out of town at a roping, blonde rascal played outside with the neighbor kids ALL day yesterday. And me? I sewed!!!

I had cut and fused down the pieces on the tablerunner for blonde rascal's teacher,

Then I blanket stitched around all the edges which was easy, thanks to that beautiful Pfaff, just time consuming!

Now I have to do some little eyeballs, "blush" their cheeks and make some hay for the manger with gold thread. I think I will have blonde rascal do the hay. Then that leaves making the star for the center and sewing that baby together!

I didn't get the sewing room closet organized....maybe today?!?!?

Blonde rascal and I did have our "slumber party" both Friday and Sat. night. Here is how it went down...

King size bed= well, it was expensive,
Bedding and sheets from Target= not so expensive (all we could afford after the bed purchase!)
Miniature Long Haired Dachshund= $400
Happy, giggly, snugly little boy in Mom's bed= PRICELESS!

What a team we make...Missy looks possessed, blonde rascal looks hyped up on Halloween candy...and me, I look exhausted!!

Blonde rascal has been coughing. Last night he coughed pretty good all night, despite medicine, vicks on the chest & feet. I heard Vicks on your feet with socks on eases coughs at night. Not so much. Then when he coughs and has drainage it makes him....throw up. Yep, that is how much fun the slumber party was for mom last night!!! So this morning he woke up at 6:30 hungry and thirsty. He had a waffle and then back in bed where he fell back asleep. THAT is not normal for my little man. Once he is up, he is UP! He feels a little crappy and will probably (hopefully) take it easy all day.

I have gotten some emails from people saying they can't post comments on here. I changed it yesterday so that it allows anyone to post a comment not just yahoo members or whatever. That may or not be the let me know if it still does not work. And all of you "blurkers" (blog lurkers) it is time to come clean....leave a comment you chickens!!!!


kristen lewis said...

Sorry about the vomit, but it sounds like an otherwise delightful weekend!

Meredith said...

YAY! I can post comments now. Hope little blonde rascal feels better. And no, I've tried the Vicks on the feet. Doesn't help here either.

Have a great Monday!!