Friday, November 9, 2007

The plot thickens!

Never a dull moment around here friends, never! Early yesterday evening I walked down the driveway to the mailbox. The sun had just gone down and as I was returning, rummaging through all of the junk mail in my hands, I looked up as I approached the house. I see something in the yard and Missy runs off to investigate.

Upon closer inspection...

Sure enough some sort of rib cage/spine combo! To go along with the leg bone from the other day! How perfectly lovely!

As much as my goofy, odd little sense of humor would like to imagine some big crazy scary story, I am afraid one of you will call the police and tell them I buried someone in my backyard! So here is the conclusion we have reached...early last spring one of our steers bought the big hay field in the sky. What to do with a 600lb dead steer you ask? Well hubs had 19 year old brown haired rascal tie the sucker to his bumper and drag it down to the back corner of our property by the cotton field. You think I am kidding! By the way, THAT is the reason you have do your dirty work. Anywho, hubs logic was that nature would take its course and the vultures and coyotes would deal with the carcass.

(Add this to my "woe is me" list of boy stuff that I have to endure from my earlier post...dragging dead cows around behind pickups!! Calgon...the delightful city of Chicago...Jimmy Buffett....someone.... take me away!!!)

Well, now it would seem nature did indeed take its course and all that is left are the skeletal remains. Remains that we believe our next door neighbor's behemoth, fathead, year old Lab feels compelled to drag into our yard!!

I know the suspicions may run deep with some of you gumshoes out there. You are savvy detail oriented people and you think it is odd that there is always the same person at the scene of the crime...


I too feared the worse. Maybe my little poopie-kins angel is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Perhaps in reality she is a savage killer.

I questioned her about this and she assured me that she really is my poopie-kins and would never harm a soul. However, in order to stop this madness and for the safety of all involved she felt obligated to point the finger at the only true criminal, in her opinion.....

Her arch enemy Jingles!!!!!!


kristen lewis said...

This is disturbing on so many levels. Where to start?

Anonymous said...

Brooke, I have always felt that Missy and Jingles were vicious animals. Please be careful around them.

Dr. Dolittle

Mary said...

Well, maybe I DON'T want to live out by you! No telling what our Goliath of a dog would find if you little "sweetie-kins" is finding a cow carcass!!

Shabee Chick said...

I have a little doggie named Missy too!!! OOOooooh! Love little Missies!

Okay, my Missy is pwecious but does have a tendency to sometimes bring half-eaten animals in through the doggie door to snack on whilst in her Shabbee little dog bed, on it's little white pillows. Eeeewww.

But we do not discuss such things with outsiders. She has a reputation to uphold you know.