Sunday, November 11, 2007

The day the magic began!

November 11, 1995

Just look at us! Both thinner, he had more hair and I did not have even one, not one of those obnoxious over zealous springy gray hairs yet! I look so peaceful, I had no idea the "fun" (see all previous posts) that was in store for me!

This morning in honor of the big day I fixed pancakes, then we rushed off to church and finally rushed out of church so hubs could....guess:
1. take me out for a glorious dinner.
2. come home and prepare a glorious dinner for me and then rub my sweet smelling feet.
3. make his 1:30 tee time.

Ding, ding, ding right-oh, it was #3!!!!

Don't gasp, it was perfectly alright with me! You see we had our anniversary date last night. We went out for a yummy dinner and had a divine time. I don't, actually neither one of us, gets into the pomp and circumstance of the big day. I know he loves me everyday, because he says so and he shows me by his actions. All of which means more than a cheesy card (that I will throw away) and a bouquet of flowers (that will die!) Now don't get me wrong, on anniversary #1 I expected a big deal and then #10 was a party for sure....and #15 better involve diamonds (big diamonds) and exotic getaways! But at heart I am a simple girl! We are simply beyond blessed just to have a happy, non-dramatic marriage.

Granted we occasionally want to wring each others necks...but who doesn't?? We are polar opposites, 100% as different as they come. He is type A and I am... I... I am TYPE Z!! All of which causes differences in opinions you might say! He likes plans and organization and time frames and structure and thinking ahead and stress. And me? I don't care for any of those things, thank you. But I believe the saying opposites attract. I mean really...if we were both like me then we could possibly be living in a VW van on a beach somewhere sitting out by a campfire every-night having a grand old time without a care in the world! And, God forbid, if we were both like him, well then our children would be orphans right now because we would both have died from strokes!!!

So it turns out this polar opposite thing works for us. I make his blood pressure inflate and he makes me laugh! We balance each other out. Honestly, I thank my God for a kind, hard working man who is both a good husband and father! He treats me right, I love him and I am so thankful to have him.

There. That is all of the sappy lovey stuff for this week. I will be back to my regularly scheduled silliness and nonsense tomorrow!


Mary said...

Congratulations!! May you be happily together for many, many more years to come.

sharon said...

Happy Anniversary belated!! I'm glad it was a good one. Mine is coming up this month also.