Saturday, November 24, 2007


Ouch. Someone help. I can't button my jeans. I wonder if I have any old maternity pants hiding somewhere. I need a stretchy panel. I am pregnant....with turkey, dressing, sweet p's, rolls, pie, cake, whipping cream, etc... Why? Why do I lose all self control at the Thanksgiving table? Indigestion is the name of the game for the duration of the weekend. But let's be was sooooooo good!!!!!! My MIL makes the best dressing, I could make a total meal out of it. She also made a delish pecan pie and a pumpkin cake that I will just have to post the recipe for, because it was the perfect dreamy combination of moist and flavorful. Oh my gosh you have to get Pioneer Woman's recipe for sweet potatoes. (Sorry, still have not figured out how to insert links in my posts.) I adore, and wish I could marry, sweet potatoes and let me tell you this recipe did not disappoint. It was yummy beyond belief.

I must also give a shout out for Shabee Chick's chicken noodle soup which was wonderful. It was even better the second time around warmed up. And her gingerbread...perfect-o!

We had a really great turkey day. The most delightful part was that it snowed!!!! Yea snow!!! Fabulous meal, fire in the fireplace, just a perfect relaxing day spent with family that I love so dearly!

It snowed again last night and is forecast to snow off and on today & tomorrow. Not a lot, but enough to make blonde rascal's eyes light up!

(yes he is wearing my leopard trim gloves! He had already lost one pair of his and the other pair was soaking wet!)

My parents left this morning and so today's schedule is low key... laundry and dragging the Christmas decorations out of the attic. Snow on the ground, fireplace roaring, hot chocolate and decorating for Christmas. This is good stuff people. I do know that I need more Christmas quilts. N-E-E-D them. Lots of blog land girlies have been posting pictures of their Christmas quilts and I am so jealous. The good news is that in my massive sewing room organization project I discovered that I have accumulated a lot of Christmas quilt projects, patterns and kits just waiting for me. This time NEXT year my house will bursting with cute festive quilts! With my cool new sewing machine and a lesson under my belt there can be no excuses!

Did any of you crackheads partake in the Black Friday shopping madness? Opps... sorry Judi Plumtickled. I don't think YOU are a crackhead. A no thumb having heck of a gal, sure, but crackhead no way. Go see Plumtickled's blog, she joined in the black friday ruckus and made it actually sound kind of fun! But me? Not happening. The only thing that would get me out of bed at 4am would have to be a house fire. I mean maybe, and it is an "iffy" maybe, if a store was GIVING away cars....or Matthew McConaughey... or a live in maid for the rest of my life....then maybe I would go at 4am. But to get a free game with the purchase of an X-box? No deal.

I got a weird comment on my last post from my brother-in-law...opps, no I mean a weird comment in another language. I know I come across as the serious, intellectual, cultured and no doubt multi-lingual type of gal but that is just not true. I mean, I am ALL of those things except multi-lingual. I took Spanish in both h.s. AND college and can, sadly, say that I retained "gracias" and that is about all. Anyway I guess that is a blog spam. Hope that stops! I didn't click on it so hopefully my computer won't crash or anything.

And since I just mentioned him, (if you read Pioneer Woman's blog (which I highly recommend you do because it is the most funny and interesting thing you could ever hope to find) you will recognize this borrowed phrase) I'll tell you about my "pesky brother-in-law" Mark! I was remiss in not mentioning him in my previous post about what all I was thankful for. I am indeed thankful for my pesky brother-in-law Mark because well...... um, well....... well, without pesky brother-in-law Mark then I would not have the most wonderful sista-in-law Sherri whom I adore to pieces, and 2 perfect & beautiful nieces and the most cool nephew on the face of the planet!!!!! See pesky brother-in-law Mark? I AM thankful for you!!!!

Well looky here, it is lunch time. I guess I could squeeze in one more, small, plate of leftovers. Oh, I forgot to mention I am really thankful of stretchy sweat pants. Amen.

P.S. we watched "Firewall" last night. Good one. Go rent it.


sharon said...

That snow looks cold!!!! And the blonde one looks so cute in those gloves of yours. LOL!!!!
I'm feeling your bloating all the way over here. My maternity pants probably wouldn't even fit me now. ROFLOL!!! Youngest is 25!!!!

judi said...

I'm skipping my Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow night to due Thanksgiving and it's leftovers!

We host the meal for our entire family, close to 30 people, and guess who has the leftovers? Yup, me. (I just ate a cinnamon roll from the other night, good stuff).

Black Friday was way fun, we were home by 11:00 am too, awesome again!

I'm off to get the soup recipe, maybe I'll try it tonight!

Meredith said...

I got a bizarre spammy post telling where that came from.

Glad you had a great sounds so cozy and gorgeous with the snow at your house. I am very jealous!!