Sunday, January 13, 2008

Say it isn't so!

It's not really about to be Monday again, is it???

I don't know what Missy is complaining about. I mean really, EVERY day is like a weekend for her!

Last week was kinda busy with 2 quilty classes right in a row. Then I spent one day running the token Christmas return/exchange errands. I got my 2 new charms put on my bracelets, and lastly took a load to Goodwill. I really think the neighbors were sneaking in at night dropping off their laundry because I felt like the laundry multiplied every day. I am on an early spring cleaning kick washing blankets and mattress pads, vacuuming the mattresses. It's all fresh around here. Freshness abounds!

I got the thank you notes written and in the mail. That is the last Christmas hoorah for me. Free and clear, done with merriment for 11 months. I don't mind writing thank you notes, the part that is bothersome is when I have to get blonde rascal to write his piece. Have mercy you would think I was asking him to write a 10 page essay on the benefits of good oral hygiene or something! Seriously! After I bound and gagged, threatened and beat him, he finally succumbed to the task at hand. Whew, little runt.

Here is chef blondie this morning before church...

Yep, making scrambled eggs. Check out the "man-pron" he got for Christmas! Look closer at the has a race car on it too! God bless Williams Sonoma.

I spent a little time this weekend trying to organize my sewing room. It also serves my home office control central and I keep my scrapbooking stuff in there too. I probably have some sort of adult A.D.D as it is really hard for me to keep all of that organized! SInce I am a new quilter I am sort of feeling my way as to how to organize all that stuff. The office part, that just comes down to staying on top of it all...instead of letting it stack up. Brilliant concept, yes?

The scrapbook stuff is about to go through a major elimination process. E-bay baby! It is like this, here is the story of my scrapbooking experience. Go make some popcorn.... I'll wait. OK, are you ready? I started scrapbooking in 1996. That was the early stage of the scrapbook craze. I got in hook, line and sinker. I would spend hours on pages with paper and stickers and letters and paper piecing and all sorts of craziness. That was before blonde rascal when I obviously had more time! So then I became a Creative Memories Consultant and they really stress the importance of the the pictures being in a photosafe album with the stories preserved, all of that being way more important than the crafty aspect. So I took on the "simple pages" mantra...scrapbook naked as I liked to call it...hehehe... and what do you know but I got caught up! All of my pictures were safely in albums! Glorious! I am no longer a consultant and the scrapbooking world has gone nutty! For heaven's sake now there are grommets and hammering, ribbon and 3-D, glitter and pockets and tags...and goodgrief you have spent $73 on ONE page with ONE picture on it! I don't have the time or the money for that scene!

My pages have gotten simpler and simpler as I realize I just want my pictures in albums...and look at the album Creative Memories has come out with...

SAweeeeet! You just slip the pictures in and they even have paper that fits exactly in the slots and room for the ever important journaling! Easy! You really don't need any supplies! So in order to reign in the chaos in my sewing room, yep more scrapbook stuff on E-bay. God bless E-bay.

So that is what the upcoming week holds for me. More organizing...AND some quilting! I promise, really I do!

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