Saturday, January 12, 2008

Be prepared!

My friend Mary is cringing and covering her eyes right now, terrified of what on earth I am going to write about. Don’t worry sweet Mary, it will all be very reader friendly! I do posses some amount of decorum!

I have learned so much from different blogs in the short amount of time since I discovered the glory of blogs. My friend Kristen, who is never at a loss for a good story to tell, will agree with me here... there are things that you HAVE to share with or inform your girlfriends of because how else will they know. Right, am I right sister Kristen?

So as my civic duty, or perhaps another P.S.A. (like when I laboriously explained my mini dental implant procedure so that other potential patients of this dental marvel would not be scared) I give you....

“Dr. Natura” the colon cleansing program!!

After glowing reviews a few years ago from my healthy friend Janice, hubs and I decided to give Dr. Natura a spin. Let me say that I don’t have issues in this area, you could say that I am a....uhhh...regular gal. However after hearing Janice’s testimony of this product and then researching it online, I was sold. I will just simply state that you know your intestines are like 7 miles long or something, right? Well doesn’t it stand to reason that even the best working plumbing is not going to get all that cleaned out!?!?!? Seriously! You have years worth of waste lingering in your colon......ewwwwww. It’s no wonder that so many of us feel like crap!!! (Sorry, you knew I had to say that!) Plus we all potentially have parasites which this program also “eliminates”, if you will!

Well, during the 2 months that hubs and I were on the program I have never felt better. The upside is that all feelings of being bloated go away. I never realized that I even felt “bloated” until after being on this for a few weeks AND your stomach flattens out! Really! Also, very weird but you sleep like a baby at night. It is all natural and herbal, no scary chemicals or anything.

It has been 2 years since we did it, so we decided it was time again, and of course I thought I have to share this with the blogfriends as tactfully as I can! Go to and read for yourself, very interesting stuff. Please though, for crying out loud DON’T click on “pictures” unless you have a very, VERY strong stomach!

There, I am done. See Mary, I can be mature and factual.....sometimes!!!! Mary...Mary are you still here reading? Mary, say you still love me!

So speaking of poop...sorry, I’M SORRY sometimes I can’t help it.... look what was loose this morning when we woke up

I was sitting happily drinking my cuppa. Blonde rascal is looking out the window behind me and says "We don't have a white steer". Deducting that he must be seeing a white steer out the window and wondering how he would know our steers that well, I say "Of course we do!" He scrambles off outside to go ride his 4-wheeler or the new "Gator", because you know it is 7:30 am on Saturday and what else is there to do?!?! He promptly comes back in yelling "the steers are out!!!" I turn my lazy tired head around and look out the window to low and behold see steers! Remember I told you last night that hubs is out of town. Yep, this only happens when HE is gone! So we figure out our steers are in our pasture with the gates shut so they must be the neighbor's steers. So in order to resolve this little problem I promptly send blonde rascal over to the neighbors, hey they don't need to sleep on Saturday morning either!

Loose steers get Bianca the spaz herder all fired up...

The excitement all ended quickly as the neighbor came and retrieved his steers. Hubs knows and is confident that he can leave home overnight in peace, trusting that I, his alert, highly observant, city girl of a wife can easily handle this little ranch situation we live on. Oh yes I was prepared you see, I had on my...

pink fuzzy cowboy boot slippers and polka dot p.j.'s! All good ranchers dream of having a competent wife like me to handle things when they are gone!!

TOMORROW night on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" my cool sister-in-law Sherri will be singing!! I am so excited, you guys watch too!!!!!

I have decided I can not blog at night, after say 9:00. I had so much fun stuff to say last night, but I couldn't. I was turning into a pumpkin. I certainly can not blog while in bed. I will stick to daytime blogging so to avoid boring ya'll to much!!!


kristen lewis said...

Oh, Brooke! Only on your blog could I find a detailed commercial for colon cleansing! I love it!

And, I do wholeheartedly agree that when it comes to girlfriends, there are no holds barred!!! Let me jog your memory about my incident with the wet wipes. Teehee!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I could sure use a cleaning out if you will. LOL!!!
Love the polka dot jammies.

Mary said...

I still love you Brooke!!! I'm still here! I could never leave your blog! What would I laugh about? Be sure to have that Febreeze handy on the 25th!