Sunday, January 20, 2008

Not a slacker Sunday.

I WAS a slacker Saturday. Hubs is out of town, will be back tonight, and I am not ashamed to admit that I was a slacker in every sense of the word yesterday. Oh yeah, I was. To sum up my lazy Saturday... I lounged around. Lounged some more, found some really funny blogs, loaded and started the dishwasher (hey that counts for something) and caught up on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" which I DVR.

That show is a real brain cell depleter, but I am not ashamed of my addiction. I really don't like Tamara because she is soooo superficial that it becomes annoying. Quinn is odd... and for the love of all things sacred cover those sagging LARGE melons, please! Vickie is my favorite because she is the 100% opposite of me and I find that so entertaining! For her to be able to get that worked up over everything is amusing to this laid back girl.

It was a relief to go to church this morning and get primped and dressed. Physically speaking my state of lounging was not attractive, as I noticed each time I passed a mirror this weekend. Scary.

Friday night was a dream as I quietly wandered through B & N while blonde rascal was at a b-day party. I don't buy books for myself like I used to. I went through a phase, not a phase but a clutter revolution, and realized buying books is a waste of money AND space. You just have to dust them and will you really read them again? Plus, hello libraries are free! I will buy books at airport if I have finished whatever I brought to read while traveling. AND I will buy my favorite authors. So I bought two books on clearance Friday night. One by Janet Evanovich who is wicked funny and Ted Dekker who is weird scary.

Children's books, however, are another story! If the checkbook was bottomless I could spend a FORTUNE on children's books.
To avoid blonde rascal's room being wall to wall book shelves I do only keep age appropriate ones in his room and pack up the favorites to be stored in the attic for the grandkids and then donate the rest. I bought "Library Lion", very cute by the way, and a Valentine book..something about stinky feet, for blonde rascal.

What else...well there was more steer water trough ice breaking antics on Saturday but I will spare you poor readers the drama. I think that is all, just dropping in to say hi and vow to not be a slacker today. I must go now and straighten...something. Make up for lost time yesterday. This Friday is scrapbook night. I need to go figure out what pictures need to be printed. Scrapbook night could be the Real Housewives of Lubbock County....except without all of the money! And of course it is much more mentally stimulating. Only serious, very serious topics are discussed. Colon cleansing for instance....


Mary said...

Boy, wouldn't scrapbooking be even more interesting if there was a bottomless money pit??!! I think I'd be okay with that!!! ha,ha Can't wait

TX Poppet said...

Love your blog. The pictures are wonderful.

TX Poppet said...

Love your blog. The pictures are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Books are wonderful, yes, but Guitar Hero is good for eye-hand coordination. I am just saying.

Anonymous said...

Oh, last comment was from me Lori E.

Martha said...

Girl, you are hilarious!!!!

Love your blog!