Friday, January 25, 2008

Quilty Chick takes a stand!

I have been busily cleaning the house yesterday and will do the finishing touches today because the scrapbook girls are coming over tonight for a raucous good time!

I was reading on Shabee Chick's blog a few days ago when she posted about natural cleaning products. I am not one to get all fired up on the latest movement, because well I am lazy. After reading her post about the toxins we dump into our house with the cleaning products we use, I decided it would be worth looking into. I am always spraying down the kitchens counters with Lysol surface cleaner, because I am thinking "ohhh it is disinfecting!" Never stopping to think of the chemicals it is leaving BEHIND on the surfaces where I prepare food for my family!

Then in the bathroom, oh please. There is always a flurry of cleaning aerosol toxins going down in there! Which permeates the air my family is breathing! Shabbee Chick goes into more detail so go there for a quick lesson in "cleaning green." Baking soda and vinegar are natural disinfectants. You can add essential oils for nice fresh smells too! AND best of all it is a cheap way of cleaning! I love saving a buck!

Nothing will take the place of bleach and the Lysol spraying frenzy, especially when someone is sick. But I can change my everyday type cleaning method.

I ordered a book about natural cleaners, which should be here soon I hope. It is like the "For Dummies" book of natural cleaning! I certainly need that version because if it is not easy, it ain't happening. I'll be honest. But the book I chose tells you the cleaning methods and what concoctions to fill your spray bottles with. I'll keep you posted!


Meredith said...

Brooke I'm with you. I have incorporated some less harsh and more environmentally-friendly cleaners in to my routine in the past few years, and made some of my own. I have yet to open my "Organic" cleaning book but hope to soon . I noticed there is a new line of natural cleaners made by lysol or some other big company, can't remember, but you can find them at the grocery store. I love the smell and most of the results of Method cleaning products too. Let me know what you think about that book! And which one you got!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Can't wait to see what tips you have for us! Are you still tasting that perfume today??

Martha said...


I'm right there with you, sister!

I've been using a borax/baking soda mixture for cleanser. It works great and I feel better using it. Also, I use vinegar a LOT. It works great, too, and the smell goes away quickly. When I'm needing some aroma therapy (And I love yummy smells) I use the Mrs. Meyer's line of cleaners that are much safer for the environment.

Keep it up, girl :)


Shabbee Chick said...

Wow! Thanks for the links to my blog! Good luck on your cleaning! (Remember, I'm not all inclusive-I still have to use some toxic cleaners just because I just haveta! But I try, I really try!) Happy weekend!