Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The NOT funny Christmas present.

Nope, this is not funny either.

Hark, what yonder mini weenie is coming to the rescue?

It's Missy... the brave and curious canine! "I'll save you Mommy!"

"Yep, I got this one Mom. I'll just take it right over here."
(By the way notice the planter. The lady of the house must be an ace gardner. Nothing says "welcome to our home" like a pot of dead flowers. Nice.)

"Geez, upon further inspection this really is rather creepy. Ummmm.....anyone know where I might find the cats?"

The most disturbing part is that this creature is remote control....and look who is controlling it...

(insert evil laugh...."Muuwahhhaaaaa")

Just who would buy this for a rascally 7 year old you ask? Why none other that my pesky brother-in-law Mark and my wonderful sister-in-law Sherri a.k.a Uncle Mark and Aunt Sherri. The part that makes this even less funny is that we actually have tarantulas at our house!!! No I would not kid about this. It causes me GREAT mental anguish. I have lived in this city since 1989, my first year of college, which incidentally I should add that in 1989 my pesky brother-in-law Mark had been married for like 4 years already, because he is WAY older than I am. Anyway, in those 16 years living here I never saw or heard of anyone having tarantulas...until 2 years ago when we bought this house in this particular country neighborhood. Sooo weird, I have even asked people out here in the country just a stone's throw away, but not actually in this tiny neighborhood, if they see tarantulas....nope! I guess maybe this portion of land is an ancient Indian ruin and it was cursed by the chief to forever terrify the stupid white man!

So, thank God for small favors, the tarantulas only come out for like 2 weeks in early July. Yep, wait until July my new bloggy friends and you will be in for some REAL pictorial treats! You know in every scary movie when they need to psychologically torture someone and in turn freak out the audience...they use tarantulas. Those little monsters really do amble along
with their long hairy legs. The upmost of creepy. Oh Lord help me I am a tortured soul for those 2 weeks of July. They make my skin crawl and make me feel like I might need to change my drawers if I don't go inside and shut the blinds!

Anyway thanks Mark & Sherri for that creepy gift for blonde rascal. Yah real funny, considering my plight. Luckily it does not move so well on carpet and makes a motor whirlish noise so it can't sneak up on you. Lordamercy it is only a matter of time before that thing ends up in our bed...and the real test will be who does that first, hubs or blonde rascal!!!! I think they are scared of my retaliation is the reason why it has not happened already! Blonde rascal has already effectively used it to torture all of the little girls in the neighborhood!

It would seem a logical gift for pesky brother-in-law Mark to buy, but Ladies we all know who orchestrates the Christmas gift buying! I had to to leave the "wonderful" off of sister-in-law Sherri's title for a day or two because of that. Which by the, Sherri was on "Home Makeover" Sunday, after all my promoting of that, but just for a nanosecond. I know they have only one hour to show a house being built in one week but I had this small hope that they would edit in more of the entertainment! Oh well, I am sure she mouthed "Hi Brooke" and waved as the camera panned by her playing the keyboard but in the interest of time, that hit the cutting room floor. No really, I bet she did.

Gosh yesterday I ranted about my neurosis with the gym. (This morning however I am pleased to report my fellow gym patrons were all very well behaved) Today is like 12 paragraphs on a remote control tarantula. I clearly need to get out more. Hang tight, I think tomorrow's post will be titled "Let's talk about furniture" No doubt a riveting diatribe you won't want to miss!

The happiest of Tuesdays to you!


Meredith said...

Ewww...I must peek at your blog carefully in July!!

Anonymous said...

I am getting caught up on your blog and I go from top to bottom. I do not know if you go back and read any new comments, but I am leaving one anyway. I SO saw these in a catalog and wanted to buy it and scare you with it. But, alas, Mark and family beat me to it. YOU can find someone to scare, I am quite sure. (lol) NOT ME....I am in the know for once.
Lori E.