Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Let's talk about furniture!

**BEEP**BEEP**BEEP** we interrupt the regularly scheduled informative and cheeky post about the pros and cons of buying cheap ass furniture to bring you an entirely more serious topic....WHY DO I NOT HAVE A "LINK" ICON?????

I have grumbled in the past about not being able to link in my posts. I honestly thought it was because I am for the most part technologically inept. I have poked around in the "Blogger help" section and got nothing but frustrated. I also emailed my question to them but you know they delete those because they only have time to answer difficult and deeply technical questions from "Blogger McSmartypants" seriously you have to know that is true. They see a question from "Quilty Chick" in the inbox, assume automatically that they are dealing with an inferior mind not worthy of their nimble answer, and PING there goes the delete button! From that tirade I guess you can tell I never got a reply, answer, "kiss my foot" or anything.

I know how to link, can do it in email, but the problem on this blog is that I do not have a link icon. Period. Quite honestly it is hindering my blogging. Yes, I could be so much more of an effective communicator (I have a Communication Studies degree so I like effective communicating) if I could link!!! And the upside for you readers would be that if I could link then my posts would NOT be so ridiculous and wordy. OK well they will probably still be ridiculous but potentially less wordy.

As is painfully obvious by the previously mentioned degree, I am not a rocket scientist! I am a simple girl and all I want to be able to do is be happily blogging along and when referring to a previous post topic say..."like then time when this happend"...and "this" will link to that particular post.

I researched again this morning and know that while creating a post there should be a link icon. Yes, I know it looks like a chain link. Brilliant concept. But here I am as we speak and the ONLY icons on this tool bar are the "ABC" spellcheck and the post a picture. I have looked all over my dashboard under customizing and settings and name it and do not see any way to expand or edit or allow or whatever to that toolbar.

If you know why I don't have an icon or how to fix it without having to reprogram my computer, cuz THAT ain't happening, please for the love of all things bloggy enlighten me!!!!! Smart people of the world let your voices be heard! And if I may ask, please type slowly and use layman's terms.


Is it possible that I might have to leave Blogger for someone else? You see I also cannot put pictures anywhere except in my posts. AND I can't use shortcuts to italicize, underline.... I think Blogger just does not like me.

Well the upside is that already this morning I have cleaned the master bathroom and have a load of laundry working! At least I have that, oh woe is me.

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Martha said...


You don't have that little icon with the earth and a figure eight on it?

That's crazy!

Love your blog!