Thursday, January 17, 2008

Now let's talk about furniture!

Do you take the saying “you get what you pay for” seriously?
Or how about “you are what you eat?" However after the homemade chicken pot pie I made last weekend, and then successfully polished off over the course of the next few days, I don't want to discuss that.

We bought our house 2 years ago, moving from our starter home which held our starter furniture, such as my couch from college. We sealed the deal on our new house and happily ran off to furniture shop. We bought a leather couch and loveseat from a good furniture store. Not one that is stupid expensive like where the Jr. League gang does business or anything, but one that is known for quality furniture. We also wanted two accent chairs but did not find any we liked at that particular store. Knowing we will have the leather until the kids put us in the nursing home and have the Salvation Army take the couches away, we were looking for reasonably priced cloth chairs. You know ones that we could have, for 12- 15 years, until they just became so hideously out of style and then we would replace them.

We find and buy two overstuffed chairs with ottomans that we think would compliment the leather. Fast forward 2 years to the present and hubs is ready to take an axe his chair and use it as firewood! We bought them from a large chain that I won’t mention here....oh whatever, save yourself and don’t shop at Ashley Furniture!!!!

I mean seriously 2 years? That is Wal-Mart quality longevity. The back cushions are sagging and the seat cushions are shot. (I suppose it has not helped that dumb and dumber here have regular turf wars on my chair!)

When the seat cushions give out in overstuffed chairs such as these then you sit lower and lower until your arms, while sitting on the arm rests, are parallel to your shoulders, making you look like the SNL skit with Gilda Radner where she was that little girl in the big chair. Add to the shoddy quality the fact that if anyone, anywhere in the house, so much as sneezes a nail head pops off. Stupid. Stupid crappy chairs from Ashley Furniture.

So the chairs we bought with hopes of having them for a decade at least are now going on Craig's List or to the consignment shop...or to the landfill if hubs has his way. On the up side, we went to the La-Z-Boy store and hubs chose an overstuffed huge man size leather wingback recliner. We brought home some leather samples to make sure and pick a leather that didn't clash with and provided some contrast to our couches. We made our choice and I went back to the store to order it... when low and behold I saw a mini wingback recliner. Girl size if you will. I figured I ought to replace my chair too. I mean I need somewhere adequate to sit at night and read all the thought provoking, deep, serious and intellectual blogs that I love.

With all the dang leather in the living room we needed some spunk. So I picked out a fabric that is black with all of these huge different colored polka dots! Cute! Oh whimsy!! I would show you....BUT I can't link. Remember? None of you could help me, real bunch of Einstein readers you all are. Now you'll have to wait until the chairs come in, which the salesman promised would be before Christmas 2008. Little jokester salesman. 8 - 10 weeks actually since they are special order. Just wait until then I will be back with furniture rearranging issues.

Remember this one thing...if you buy crap, then you will end up sitting in crap. Amen.

Hubs is going out of town for the weekend. Blonde rascal has a birthday party to go to tomorrow night on the other side of town. Why go back home only to turn right around and pick him up. Oh no, that would be silly. The evening will be mine....I forsee wandering aimlessly through Barnes and Noble for hours while sipping some hot yummy overpriced Starbucks concoction. Ahhh bliss.


Meredith said...

Oh, the whole "junior league" comment had me giggling, for I know of what you speak!

Friggin' Ashley furniture!! I want a new chair now too!! And my own awesome recliner I can live in, so Matt and I can be like Ross and Joey in "Friends" and never leave our seats!!

Can't wait to see your chair!!

Mary said...

I made homemade chicken pot pie this weekend too! And worked on it all week. Well, the leftovers. That's a little scary...........I'm thinking like Brooke. And NO, I'm not doing the Colonex. However you spell it!!!