Tuesday, January 22, 2008

If I had a tail...

it would be wagging like that because I love to rearrange the furniture and then vacuum up all the dust and gunk that had been accumulating under the furniture! It makes me crazy happy!


It makes Missy loose her mind!

I rearranged furniture yesterday, yes I did. Blonde rascal helped me, I told him I would pay him $1. Child labor rocks. The furniture had to be rearranged in preparation for our new chairs that will be arriving in a few weeks and the large flat screen, which will be going on the mantel. I think this TV situation will make our living room look like some sort of sports bar. Hubs however is delighted. Men and big toys...whatever.

We assembled the flat screen and set it on the hearth last night. It can't go up on the mantel until the Dish man comes tomorrow to hook up the HD receiver. Them Real Housewives of O.C. are gonna look real purdy in HD!! The TV sitting on the mantel has cast some small fears into our minds. Will it hold? Hubs got all scientific about it last night and figured blonde rascal weighs about as much as the TV. So he set blonde rascal on the mantel. It held so I guess we are good! I am going to be on pins and needles for the 1st couple weeks the TV sits up there. It would make REALLY good blogging however...

Back to the furniture moving thing, you must get some of those deals you slip under furniture to make the furniture easily slide around. They are worth their weight in GOLD I tell you. You can move HUGE pieces of furniture and it is a piece of cake.Brilliant invention. The woman, no doubt, who invented those deserves the Nobel Peace Prize or something.

The other thing no home should be without is the Bissell Spot Bot. Totally worthy investment. I have had mine for 2 years and I think it was somewhere between $75-$125. Since hubs said we could not afford to rip out every stitch of carpet and put in hard wood floors, it was the next best thing. I abhor carpet stains.

Sunday night the diabetic cat had some sort of Montezuma's Revenge stomach issue. So I spent Monday "spot botting." I use the hand held hose for "fresh" stains. I don't put any sort of carpet cleaners in, just very hot water. You know how carpet cleaning agents can often end up attracting more dirt in the long run. That really pisses me off.

Then while rearranging furniture I uncovered a set in stain. I must have, in a weak moment during my last rearranging endeavor, just slipped the love seat over that spot! So then we take the Spot Bot into deep cleaning mode. You just set it over the stain and it brushes and sucks and sprays....presto no more stain! Wicked good I tell you. I must warn you about the most revolting part of the Spot Bot process...emptying the dirty water. It makes my skin crawl to see that muddy brown colored water and think my carpet could be even remotely that disgusting. Hard wood floors someday...

Just for fun before I leave you, I will give a little pictorial run down of Missy and the Spot Bot.

"Hi Mom. Whaz up?"

"What the...?"


Never a moments peace around here, never.


kristen lewis said...

The thing that I love about you is that the mundane events of life become blogging adventures. Great reading, I tell you!

Mary said...

Amen to Kristen. That's why it's always so funny!

Meredith said...

Ok I adore Missy from afar, I must tell you that!

Go to you with your furniture rearranging! Please show us pics of the fabu new t.v. Hope it holds!!