Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It pays to be a smart aleck.

I have an appt. with the Dish man this morning and they so kindly told me that he would be here between 8 & noon. Oh good thanks for the tip, that is vague enough for me. I understand the nature of their business, you never know how long a job will take...but come on the installer could call this morning and give me a better time frame based on his schedule for the day. Oh well, whatever. I have showered, taken out the trash, loaded the dishwasher, started some laundry, made the beds, picked the Dish Network is NOT going to think we are slobs!

So I have to tell you what Meagan at "Will work for fabric" (which is linked on my sidebar and I WILL say it again..I can't link in my posts for some irritatingly unknown reason) did for me! She posted a few days ago about how she had made this neat needle case. She showed a picture of it and it was most cute. She mentioned her 100th post was coming up and said that for that post she would show the directions for how to make this needle case.

I of course don't know Meagan and actually don't even think I had ever commented on her blog before, but left a comment on that post. I said something to the effect of the needle case is simply adorable and instead of posting the directions why doesn't she just give me the finished case! I was of course just being a smart aleck and thought if anything she would have a drawing and give the case away. Oh no, the obviously kindhearted Meagan emailed me and said OK, send me your address!

Sure enough look what came in the mail yesterday...
Seriously! Look how cute it is!!

Considering how big the center applique is on my block of the month, I am going to need to be carrying needles around so I can sew in the carpool line, at appts.....and I will be doing it in style!
Check it out, I love me some rickrack!!!

It is going to be downright handy.
It folds over on the back and securely shuts with velcro.

Cute! Cute I tell you!! Meagan you are sweet and talented too! Thank you!

So the moral of the story here bloggies, is you don't even have to be a smartie pants like me, just come out and ask for it!! I am about to go peruse my favorite quilter blogs, while I have time to kill waiting for the dish man, and start straight up asking for their quilts! "I love the fabrics you chose for that quilt. It would look smashing in my house. Here is my address would you please send it to me?"

Meagan has inspired me to be more giving and kind. The world needs more benevolent souls like Meagan! Now let's see what could I give away....

an out of date Dish receiver? No, everyone already has one of those.


Well, ughhhhhhhhh....

I know!!!

Don't be shy folks, just ask!


Anonymous said...

OMG, I am first to comment on this one. You know how I love all (almost all) of God's creatures. I will ask for the steer, and not be shy about it. He or it will be roped no more and can live in harmony with my one horse and one donkey. I do not know what a needle case would be used for, but it is a beautiful one and way to go Meagan. You are very nice to give it to Quilty Chick. B., I am thinking that if a person could be TOO blessed, you are on the border of it. (lol)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! That is one cute needle case. YOU BRAT!!!!! Ok, I'm happy for you!!! LOL!!!

Meredith said...

I am going to ask for the t.v. in the post above! Or your dog! Oh yes, your new RING!! Ok I"m not shy. Give me your new ring, ok??

You're a hoot Brooke. I wish you would pass gas at the gym and take a pic of prissy girl's reaction....

Kathie said...

personally I think you should send it to Megan :)
how her twins would love this!
glad you like the is adorable :)