Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Proud Mom moments!

The proudest moment so far in the seven years of being blonde rascal’s mom came Monday night. That evening he asked Jesus into his heart to be his Saviour! I too became a Christian at 7 years old, so that was a special milestone to share with him. Hubs and I are so proud of him and are thrilled that he secured a spot in eternity with the rest of his family!! We are so looking forward to watching him grow in his faith.

To mark this occasion I took him to the Christian bookstore the next day so he could get a new Bible. Well, $81 lighter in the checkbook and we finally got out of the bookstore! He got a cool boy’s Bible that has blurbs of funky gross/gory tidbits of info related to biblical times. What better way to get a boy interested in reading the Bible than to include gross facts!!! Brilliant. Of course then we had to get a camo cover for his new Bible. Then a necklace, then a devotion book we could read in the evenings.... well at least it was worthy items and not a few mindless games for the PS2!

Here is his rad wicked cool new necklace that has a football player charm and a pendant that has Philippians 4:13 on it...

I tried to get a shot of a normal smile but this was right after school when the child is incapable of doing anything serious!

Another proud Mom moment came when 19 year old brown haired rascal put this sticker on my car.

This is not a new revelation to us as he has talked about this since he was a boy. Of course him actually signing the papers with a ship out date on them is a different story! As a mom (or stepmom, but he has lived with us since he was nine) my first reaction was of course dread and fear. This is not exactly the ideal time to be in the service. However this has been 19 y.o.b.h.r's...oh forget it his new blog name is now Marine.... anyway this has been Marine's dream, interest and passion for many many years now. If you can not live out your dreams when you are young, when can you? Life is not safe but I cannot keep my children locked in my house, to safeguard them, for the rest of their lives! Where would our country be now if men and women were not willing to serve in the armed forces? So for that reason I am proud. I am proud because he is excited. I am proud because this will make a man out of him.

He has kind of floundered around after h.s. Yes he got a job and moved out but really was not sure what he wanted to do. Not really college material at this point in his life either. I know the next 4 years will give him a sense of purpose and cause him to grow. It will also open doors for him when he gets out.

He ships out on March 10th for 16 weeks of bootcamp in San Diego. That is scary to me because I know that is going to be HARD, hard, hard and they will be mean to him. The kind of thing a Mom does NOT like to think about happening to her kid! His Dad however, after the teenage years this punk put us through, giggles under his breath at the thought of a big mean drill sergeant yelling in his face because his boots are not shined!

The Marine says they can choose if they want to go to Iraq. Which of course as an adrenaline junkie, invincible, machismo filled 19 year old, sounds like a great thing to do. Ugh. I have been rooting for....hmmmmm.... perhaps Italy, Greece, Austria, France, Japan, Germany or Sweden, you know someplace wonderful that we could go and visit while he is there!!!!!

I did tell him, in love of course, that if he did not get on that plane on March 10th that he would in fact be the one scraping that dang sticker off my window!!!! I am not a fan of having any paraphernalia on my car....only for my son whom I am proud of!


kristen lewis said...

What fabulous news on both counts! Way to go, mom!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing that our boys feel such a strong attraction to the military! I sooo think there has been some good raising of these boys!

I can truly see why you're so proud..... I'm feeling a little proud of him myself!

Congrats..... he will be in my prayers for safe keeping and an eay boot camp journey. (He,he,he,he,he!)

Anonymous said...

HUGE lump in throat.....can not comment.
Lori E.

Meredith said...

I am so proud for you all. What a sacred time for you in so many ways!! Your boys are wonderful!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

You must really be proud of both of your boys. I think it's great that your oldest is going to be protecting us. That's a wonderful thing for him to do. Thank him.