Sunday, March 30, 2008

Did you miss me?

I know I swore on my last post that I would be back on Thurs. to show all of the sewing that I had accomplished....that didn't happen and now you all think I am a complete slacker. Right?

On my way to pick up the blonde rascal from school on Weds. MIL calls me and says she is having heart attack symptoms. Her Dr. told her to go the E.R. post haste. So I picked up b.r. and then MIL and off we went to the E.R. Did you know when you have heart attack symptoms that you do not have to sit in the waiting room of the E.R. for 6 hours? No siree they get you in immediately. Thank goodness huh? After some anxiety and then an angiogram (sp?) we get the good news that her heart is perfect. They admit her so they can figure out what the problem is in the morning. Lots of tests later and ANOTHER nights stay (due to the Dr. dragging his feet in my opinion) she was released Friday morning with a diagnosis of reflux or gastritis. Which can closely mimic the signs of a heart attack.

All of that to say thank God it was not her heart or anything else serious, but very treatable reflux. Hubs was out of town so all of the hospital runs, feeding the horses, getting b.r. to school and back, going broke from the b.r./hospital vending machine love affair....sewing was out of the picture! Now don't misread this....I was happy to take care of MIL because she is VERY good to me, but I had to explain my excuse for not sewing. I am admittedly a slacker on SO many levels but this time I had a legit excuse!!

Hubs got home from his conference in Vegas Friday afternoon. Friday night was scrapbook night. We had a fabulously wonderfully time. The seriously cute Stacey B. was the hostess and let me tell you she had a mashed potato bar for dinner. It was too fun. You put the mashies in a martini glass and then add your fixings. Cute and yummy.

I bought some of Sofia Coppola's sparkling wine in cans for the occasion. (Francis Ford Coppola is a wine maker...who knew?) In cans? Yes I know it sounds totally white trash but it is sooooo girlie. CUTE pink cans with little straws!!! Looks nothing like an alcoholic beverage. We giggled about them. They are a little pricey, but perfect for a girls night out. Look for them!

Saturday morning was book club. Then hubs was leaving to go to a roping in Hamilton, which is 4 hours away, that afternoon. B.R. decided he wanted to go too! Wha...? The boys left, leaving me 24 hours of nothing. Pinch me! I sewed all day yesterday afternoon! Really! Quilty Chick really does sew! I have something to show instead of just babbling on and on about ridiculous stuff!

Woohoo! I lit a candle in my sewing room, popped open a cold Peach Fresca and sewed my little heart out. I finished another row of my jelly braid. Then I got caught up on Thimbleberries Club blocks.

This is not a pattern I would have chosen to make but being in the club has been so beneficial for me as a beginner. Lots of good info and fun stuff is shared in the meetings. The pattern directions are very thorough and easy to follow. It is a really great experience for me as a novice!

I skipped church this morning. Don't tell anyone. I am going to sew some more this afternoon, get caught up on my block of the month. I may take a little nap sometime this afternoon before the men folk get back home. I stayed up too late last night. You know how when you are alone in your house at night you hear EVERYthing? So while waiting to convince my ears that there were no boogie men outside and drop off to sleep, I killed some brain cells by watching a few episodes of "Keeping up with the Kardashians". Which incidentally hubs told me that Bruce Jenner was the motivational speaker during the opening session of the conference he was at in Vegas. He agreed that it was likely that ol' Bruce has been under the knife. His face looks weird doesn't it? I asked him if he talked about his reality show. Hubs was like "huh?" I guess it would probably embarrass Bruce to talk about his ridiculous step daughters in front of a group of men from the car industry who have likely never seen the show.

I have a new friend in my sewing room...
I had to take the chair out, which I never sat in, to make room for this monstrosity. I also will have to rearrange the room now....but that is OK because rearranging furniture is one of my top 10 favorite things to do.

I have been trying to convince hubs to exercise for years! For both stress release and fitness purposes. However since he works 1,000 hours a week going to the gym is realistically out of the question.

Hubs has a buddy who recently had a heart attack and has since bought a treadmill that he loves using. Then to convince hubs of the merits of running I showed him this. Incredible huh?

That did it and we were off to buy a treadmill. Now I still have a year left in my gym contract and the only way to get out of it is to lose a limb in a fiery crash or move to Alaska. But since we live outside of town and I love not leaving the house, I figured it would be advantageous for me too to have a treadmill at home for the days I did not have to go into town.

The main fear I had was that I am a treadmill snob. I am accustomed to running on the big daddy treadmills at the gym which handle and absorb the pounding from my big bouncing body. I would not settle for some cheap rickety treadmill but at the same time could not afford a big daddy gym quality one. So long story short, kudos to Sears and Nordic Track for providing a quality and affordable treadmill!

Here is what I love about it: It is not rickety but indeed very sturdy, it has an i-pod dock and speakers so I can rock on AND sing out loud, the digital panel is smaller than the ones at the gym so I do not torture myself by watching the count down and praying for it to end! Plus the beauty of getting up early and running thereby having it all over before the day even starts is priceless. AND there is no perfume
AND I can just wear my jog bra and no shirt...which allows the "coolest" method of running. AND the treadmill has a built in fan! The gym doesn't even have that. Yeah Sears!!! Sure it ruins the aesthetic of my sewing room but it is worth it.

We have had it going on a month now and hubs...ahem....has yet to step on it!!! That is ok though, I am still rooting for him. It is easy for me to say because it is a total habit and addiction for me, but I know how hard it is when it has not become a habit yet. He'll get around to it and then fall in love with it...but in the meantime I am in love with it!


Mary said...

Stacey B. made the blog!! Congrats!

Meredith said...

FAbulous I read your blog today, because we're contemplating a treadmill purchase for our anniversary (romantic, right?) and have no clue what to get!

Also, wine in CANS! PINK??? I LOVE IT!!! I may buy some for my gals night out Saturday!!

Have a greatday...glad that your MIL is ok. That's scary stuff!!

(And your quilt blocks look so pretty! I'm so intimidated by quilting!)

Stacey said...

I made it! WOW! Thanks, Brooke! It was a fun night, thanks for coming. AND...thanks for not posting any belly talk. HA!

Stacey said...

I made it! WOW! Thanks, Brooke! It was a fun night, thanks for coming. AND...thanks for not posting any belly talk. HA!

Stacey said...

OOPS! Dead give away when your comment appears TWO times...I must not comment very often. :) Can't even leave a comment correctly! ACK! Ok, I am the queen blurker. Here I go again trying to leave a comment, only once this time. Thanks for a great blog!

Sasha said...

Yay for you! And wait, an ipod dock on your treadmill? I so need a new one..... Mine is a Reebok model that was about $800 from Academy about 6 years ago and it's still going strong.... If you got a NordicTrack it should last forever!

Sasha said...

And I agree- the best way to run is in a sports bra and shorts!