Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Spring Break...

...and that makes me STUPID happy. You see for a calm, serene, tranquil, untroubled person like myself (not to be confused with a lazy, idle, loafer) Spring Break is a dream come true. A week with no schedule, no where to be, nothing to do. Sweet.

Well, I do have to do a few things today. I purchased a CUTE black china buffet hutch thing on Craig's List that I am going to go and get today. Sorry, I am not posting pictures this morning because I am tranquil (read: lazy) so I will show you the hutch tomorrow!

Also hubs boss is having his annual St. Patrick's Day celebration tonight. Mr. Boss is very proud of Irish heritage. It is always a fun and festive occasion.

My neighbor across the street asked me to scrapbook with her tomorrow night. We did that about 7 or 8 months ago and she said that was the last time she had touched her pictures. She claims she can only get any scrapbooking accomplished while chatting with friends. So we are going to gab and scrapbook tomorrow night.

I really need to put my pictures on disks and then put the disks in the gun safe, which I believe is fire proof. We have a "safe room" closet that I could store negatives & disks in but that would only protect them in a tornado. I think. However the safe closet is all cinder block under the sheet rock...maybe it would be somewhat fireproof? Well, maybe I should research safe closets.

The humor in our safe closet, which I will not show you a picture of today because remember I am tranquil, is that it is tiny. In the event of a tornado we will to draw straws to see who gets to go in the closet. Actually I think the 3 of us will fit...but it will be tight. God forbid we have guests over and a tornado touches down. Hey we pay the mortgage which gives us first dibs at the safe closet! One day I will do a mindless post about the safe closet. I think we should have a tornado drill and all get in it... with the dog and cats. Good clean fun!

So what else? Blonde rascal is playing outside, as he does during his every free waking hour. He will drop into bed every night this week due to complete exhaustion. He plays with the kids across the street. Sweet girls. It is good stuff. I love living out in a "country neighborhood" where the kids can run wild all day.

I would love to clean out my laundry room cabinets this week. That could be my goal for the week or I could choose to also do nothing productive whatsoever this week. Either way is's Spring Break for goodness sake.

The blonde rascal and I are going to do some fun stuff too. Go to the movies one day, picnic at the park one day and go to daddy's office on Weds. You see daddy is the sales manager for an auto auction. It is a dealer only auction so it is the real deal. I am embarrassed to say that he has been working there for 3 years now and I have never been to see the actual auction. 5 lanes of cars, 5 auctioneers, people bidding...general chaos. Probably fascinating. Mama might just bid on a little somethin' somethin' for myself. A Benz...perhaps a Porche...who knows? How do you bid anyway? I bet hubs won't tell me that! I can watch and learn though. I'll probably sneeze or stretch or something that will be confused with me bidding and end up with a 1991 Town Car or something!

Here is the to do list for today...
1. Go to bank and get cash for the Craig's List transaction.
2. Go to quilt store and get thread. I ran out this weekend. I'll show pictures...tomorrow...of what I am making.
3. Go to drugstore and get some essential oil for my "green" cleaning initiative.
4. Make brownies for the Irish bash tonight.
5. Possibly go to Office Max for a cartridge for the photo printer and scope out a photo disc & index picture organizer/binder. If they don't have what I am imagining I want for this project, then I will invent it and become famous and rich. Probably not THIS week though because it is Spring Break after all and I am....lazy.

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