Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Saturday ramble

It's Saturday folks. Blonde rascal has a friend over to play this morning. I think I may go fire up the Pfaff and work on my quilt.

Hubs woke up this morning with a nasty sinus headache. Looks like I may have passed along a few germs. Opps, sorry dear. I however am feeling much better today.

So anyway hubs is going to a roping this morning. (No he is not a member of the KKK. Team roping...horses and steers.) He took some sinus medicine this morning and apparently it was not hacking it. He asked me, while he was getting dressed, to go get him some more of the sinus pills. I go look in the cabinet and find the Tylenol Sinus...Night Time. I said "Ummmmm....are these the ones you took earlier this morning?"

Turns out yes, hubs indeed took night time medicine before he went to rope. That should be interesting. The biggest physical risk for a team roper is loosing fingers. You see, after they rope the steer then they wrap (technically "dally") the rope around the saddle horn real fast. Should your finger get caught in the rope while a 600lb steer is pulling on the other end....and snap! Bye bye finger.

So if hubs looses any fingers in his drowsy state today then I am going to have no choice but to sue the makers of Tylenol. My argument of course being that "Night Time" needs to be in bigger print for the over 40 users of their product. I don't believe in suing and think America is sue happy...but that would be my only option if hubs lost ALL of his fingers and could not work. I mean, I am so opposed to having to get a job and be the major breadwinner for the family. It would cut into my domestic goddess routine. My feeding the hungry, quilting, saving the world, spending hours on end daily cleaning the house, caring for & nurturing my blonde rascal and...ahem, blogging!

Say a prayer for hubs and his fingers today. Look out Tylenol...I've got my eye on you.

OK I am through being silly now. On to more exciting news. Remember Gary our barn cat?
There are Gary and Missy, most likely getting ready to rumble.

Anyway Gary is a cute little devil. Except we should probably re-name HER Garyetta or something. Perhaps Gary Ann. You see, blonde rascal came running in from the barn yesterday reporting some "mewing" coming from within the stacks of hay.

We did suspect this as we had taken note of Gary's belly swaying! And thinking back I had noticed a stray gray cat slinking around towards the barn. Scoundrel. I bet he is the baby daddy.

Blonde rascal did climb and wedge himself in the hay until he could shine a flashlight into the kitty nest and saw the little babies. AWWWwwwwwwwwww. I am NOT climbing in hay, so as soon as the kitties make their appearances out of the hay I will be taking pictures. They will be obnoxiously cute. Anyone need a barn cat?

Some other fun news is that we got our first letter from the recruit!!! Yes he is alive and well at boot camp! We were so glad to get it! He sounded great and said he liked it. He did willingly admit that some days really "sucked" but that he was learning a lot. He did say he loved and missed us and could not wait to see us at his graduation in June. Awwwwww, that recruit...bless his heart.

He said the drill instructors that tortured them the first few days from the moment they got off the bus were by far more intimidating than the platoon drill instructors that he deals with daily now. It did our worried little parent's hearts good to get that letter.

Well, I am off to sew. After we take blonde rascal's friend home then we have to go to the store to get egg coloring supplies. Hello! Easter is like 12 hours away....we are so behind. I have however, already purchased his basket goodies thank goodness.

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Oh for the love of Pete, I hope your cowboy comes home with all of his fingers. I am SO glad to know that you heard from your marine. It sounds like he is doing well. And a trip to San Diego...hello...what a bonus. Can't wait to see the kittens and loved the hutch from the previous blog. You are such a shopper!! I too am sad about spring break being over. It goes too fast!!!
Lori E.

Jill Cribbs said...

I have gotten caught up on all your shenanigans!! Love the pictures of the blond rascal that we miss so much (and so does Ralph.) I am so glad that the marine is doing well and hope to hear more updates on him. Kaitlyn was very glad to know that everything is going well. Love ya and miss you guys.

Martha said...

Oh my.

I hope your hubby has all his fingers when he gets home!

I'll be crossing :)