Monday, March 3, 2008

Freak show weather

Yesterday it was a gorgeous 78 degrees. Pretty toasty for March 2nd. About 5:00 yesterday afternoon we could see the front moving in. By 10:00 last night it was like 28 degrees.
This morning we wake up to a dusting of snow and wind chills in the single digits.
I am sure my newly planted daffodils are not exactly happy in these conditions!
It was not my morning to drive the carpool so I have been sitting here contemplating going to the gym. The snow is now coming down pretty good in big ol' flakes and the wind is just whipping like crazy...sooo uummmmm...NO! No gym today!

It is supposed to taper off about lunch time. I will head to the grocery store before I pick up blonde rascal from school. Until that time, I am going to take a shower, clean out the pantry and sew!

Before I go off to my duties I will share a few shots from the OTHER freak show around here. The diabetic cat and weenie dog tag team freak show.

Yesterday before the front blew in I opened the front door just to let some fresh air in. Of course Missy, the boss of everyone, scampers out to see if she needs to police any activities. Then Val, the crusty curmudgeon diabetic cat, saunters out stealthily to the front porch.

Of course as you can imagine it all takes a turn for the worse at that point...

Val: "What a lovely day to sniff things and roll around on the porch"

Val: "Dear God in Heaven here IT comes!"

Missy: "Hey watcha doing? You wanna play with me?"

Missy: "Hey! Woof woof woof! I SAID don't you want to play with me?"

After that there was a blur of violent activity, mostly stemming from the large angry cat, all of which my wimpy camera was not fast enough to capture!

This is my life, these two living to irritate each other. Missy is just looking for a playmate and Val...well he would never admit it but it all entertains him too, in a grumpy sort of way.

It continued on this morning. After a large chase scene went down,

Val got irritated and decided it was time for a good slapping session...

Then Missy finally gets all tuckered out...
and curls up, on the back of my chair, into a little ball that is all snout, paws and big floppy ears.

I suppose now would be a good time, while it is quiet on the battlefield, for me to get some work done!


Lisa Boyer said...

Awww...that was so cute! Dog and kitty wars. My cat looks a lot like yours.

Mary said...

How Cute!

Martha said...

Love that post!

You're a great writer!