Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cascade, not just for dishes

Do you have a whirlpool or jacuzzi, or whatever they are called, bath? Have you ever wondered about the cleanliness of the jets...or even more perplexing, the pipes?

Our house was 2 years old when we bought it. The thought of other people's bath oil, skin cells, dirt and heck only knows what other bodily "substances" being in the jets of our bath just wigs me out. Really even my own personal grime is not what I want blowing out of the jets!! Not sanitary by any stretch of the imagination.

I am not a bath person, meaning I prefer showers. But sometimes after a day of grueling yard work or for some magazine reading/wine drinking "me" time a great big bubble bath is perfect.

I have to say I have only turned on the jets once and during that aching muscle massaging bliss... I so distracted by thinking of what kind of scum was blowing out the jets that I could not enjoy it.

So I finally decided to take action. My idols, and cleaning gurus, Kim and Aggie from "How Clean is Your House" had shed some light on the subject. They use denture cleaning tablets or powdered dishwasher soap (which there is some funny British name for that I can't remember) to clean the jets or also just to soak tubs with caked on muck. Ewww.

I did a little Google research on the topic and sure enough Cascade was the clear winner for cleaning your whirlpool jets.

I filled up the tub with hot water, threw in some Cascade. Don't know how much...maybe a cup? I also tossed in a splash or two of bleach for good measure. Turned on the jets and left them on for about 15 minutes.
Just for the sake of good cleaning results I kind of was hoping to find some slime or something gross. Nope, it wasn't so bad after all. There was black flakes and some little chunks of stuff but nothing too gross. Probably just sediment in the pipes. I drained it, filled it again with just hot water and let it run for a few more minutes to rinse. Squeaky clean and easy. And! I could have gone to a hot tub place and bought a bottle of cleaner for $17.99 or something stupid. But no, that's not how I roll...I prefer $2.19 for Cascade.

I may repeat the process tomorrow and throw in the breakfast dishes for fun! Multi tasking, people. It is what I am all about.

Do you have time for another quick pictorial story? OK so blonde rascal and I were in the barn yesterday. He was looking at the kitties...
...and he was ooooohhhhing and ahhhhing about how cute they are. So I said move over short stuff Mama has got to see the kitties. He took the camera from me and I crammed my big booty into the hay. Oh my goodness those little turkeys are cute! Their eyes are still closed and they are crawling all over poor Gary! I couldn't tell how many there are. So cute!
Kind of a messy venture!

While I was wedged in the hay b.r. of course was wildly snapping pictures.
The lovely, stylish and curious Josie was in on all the fun.

Then we have miss bossy britches who was not very happy that I was so preoccupied with kitties. After all, she IS the center of the universe and all attention must be on her at all times.

Patrick, who is also female, is thinking...
"Perhaps you could get me fixed or put me on the pill or something? Those little buggers keep me up all hours of the night!!!"

That is all for today friends. It is 9:00am and I have already run, taken a shower, thrown a load in the wash, made the bed and now I am going to my sewing room. Yep it is all about sewing today. I'll be back to report my progress tomorrow. Unless of course there is some calamity between now and then that I have to attend to. Hubs is out of town this week so Murphy's Law would suggest that now would be the time for some ranchy type catastrophe to go down. If I have to chase any wayward steers (which would cut into my sewing and blogging time) then there WILL be some of Pedro's friends going to the feed lot too. I'm just sayin.


Anonymous said...

God.... I need you to get my rear in shape and be more orderly. I'm so jealous.

And a run? Wow!

Lisa Boyer said...

Wow. You do a lot before nine a.m. It's nine here and all I've done is drink hot chocolate and eat breakfast. Where's the Cascade????