Monday, March 24, 2008

Vote for Pedro

Easter and Spring Break all over and done. Back to the grindstone today. Ho hum.

Saturday afternoon we went to one of our neighbor’s house and all the kids colored Easter eggs in their barn. It was fun...and no need to worry about a mess!

Here is blonde rascal and all the neighborhood babes. He has it rough.

Sunday morning of course the Easter Bunny left a basket full of loot. The Easter Bunny leaves foot prints leading from blonde rascal’s bedroom door to wherever his basket is sitting.
My mom always did I am carrying on the tradition!

B.R. was very excited by all the goodies.
Even Missy wanted to see what all the excitement was about. Missy contained herself until we went to church and then she decided to try out some mini Cadbury Creme Eggs. 3 to be exact. I know the whole dog and chocolate thing, huh? Well it never seemed to phase her!

So on the way to church it was 36 degrees and drizzling. Just lovely. Today of course it is sunny and back up in the 60’s.

In other news....there always has to be some sort of randomness in my life. Why?
Here is the story. We had a steer. A big, I mean BIG black steer. Really too big for hubs to rope and he was always getting out. Not busting through the fence because then all of the steers would get out, but somehow walking his body through the wire without breaking it. Or opening the gate perhaps...maybe he had connections on the outside, who knows. We don’t know exactly how he got out. Anyway that danged steer was always out wandering over to visit the neighbor steers and chow on their hay.

We’d get him back and he’d get out again. Just kept getting fatter and fatter the whole time. Hubs got fed up and decided to let the fat wondering steer ( let’s give him a name for the sake of the story, how about Pedro?) go to the feed lot and eat to his hearts content. Going to the feed lot is a death sentence, but I doubt poor Pedro knew that. He just thought he’d made it big time now with all day eating privileges!

So Pedro stayed at the feed lot for a few months. Hubs told me that Pedro was ready to be picked up. I went to pick up Pedro this morning. Here he is....

Pedro went from the feed lot to the meat processing place. Poor Pedro. I had to make him more comfortable.

R.I.P. Pedro.

WOWZERS! And that is only half of Pedro! Someone else bought the other half. This is the freezer in our garage. It is ALL meat now. I had to throw out the freezer burned package of corn tortillas, a couple bundles of mystery meat and those 2 popsicles that have been in there for 2.5 years in order to make room. Then I had to take out the ice maker storage bin thing for more room. Holy smoke....ground beef, hamburger patties, jerky, steaks of every kind, fajita meat, won’t all fit! I am filling the neighbors mailboxes with ground beef!

I am not a huge fan of red meat...but I have to consider a freezer full of meat a blessing. I mean honestly. We will be cooking on the grill for the next 3 -5 years!!! Party at our house!

It made me feel kind of funny really. I mean I buy meat at the grocery store sure, but I have never eaten meat that I have made eye contact with before. Pedro was running around in our pasture. I probably was forced into chasing him at some point, no doubt on a day when it was 40 below or something. There is a good possibility that I had yelled “Hey Steer” at Pedro a time or two while shooing him into the roping chute. And then cussing Pedro under my breath as he pooped entirely TOO close to my feet.

And now I am going to eat Pedro? Oh dear. Oh well, the Lord provides.

I tested out a little jerky when I got home from picking up Pedro.

Hmmmm. Pedro turned out pretty well!

Sometimes when I have too much time on my hands I wonder things. Like this morning I had to pick up Pedro in a town about 30 miles from us, called Post. Have you ever been to Post, Texas? It is where Post cereal started. True story. Neither the Post family nor the mill are still there, but that is where the magic began! I I am driving east to Post and I pass a hitchhiker on the highway. I thought he did not look too much like an axe murderer and I wondered where he was going.

I had no intentions of picking him or any other hitchhiker up, I was just wondering because what else do you do with your time on the way to Post.

I get to the processing place, load up big frozen blocks of Pedro into the truck and I am on my way back home. Now I am going west and I pass the hitchhiker again. He had crossed the highway. Hmmmm, how does hitching work? I mean that dude had decided at 10:30am he would go east possibly ending up eventually in Dallas or Houston and then at 11:15 he changes to west, heading to New Mexico?!?!

Isn't the purpose to get from point A to point B? Or is it just to wander across the country? Or is it to kill as many people as you can? I don't get it. I need to find a hitch hiker's blog.

OK that is all for today.


Lisa Boyer said...

Funny, funny post. Love the picture of you eating Pedro...I think. It also gives me the willies watching you eat Pedro now that I know his name.

Perhaps the hitchhiker is looking for Pedro...

Mary said...

Ah, you can always de-stress me! Will you please blog on a daily basis just for my blood-pressure. I'm going to either have a stroke or have to get on medicine with at 13 year old full of attitude in the house!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

OMG how funny. that's hysterical, but not so funny for Pedro. But man that freezer is full!!!! Pedro was good to you. lol
Blonde Rascal had a good Easter it looks like. I miss having little ones during holidays. There so much fun.

Martha said...


I agree with Mary. You crack me up!

Pedro looks delicious ;)

Meredith said...

You eating Pedro. Classic!!

Anonymous said...

YES, I have a few comments. I did not know that about Post, Texas, seriously!! Why did you have to name the steer? If my family is ever starving, I know who I am going to contact!!! Loved the Cascade idea!! (I know wrong blog, and probably really wrong to comment on It, in this comment space) DO NOT pick up a hitchhiker, no matter how curious you are. AND you exhaust me!!
Lori E.

Anonymous said...

You kill me man! Voting for Pedro....... gives me something to chew on!