Friday, August 29, 2008

It's a must have

Every time we go to Target blonde rascal plays with this "yada, yada, yada" thing. It is stuck amongst the mini hand sanitizer, gum, mints, play dough, batteries, etc... in the check out line.

He loves it, but I never would buy it for him. I was holding out for a special occasion such as a stocking stuffer. I was in Target the first day of school so I caved in and bought it as a treat that day.

It is HI-larious! It records your voice and then you replay it in either super fast or super slow speed. So you sound like a chipmunk or the Silence of the Lambs dude..."It puts the lotion on the skin"... or a mixture of the two.

It has provided HOURS of entertainment for blonde rascal and... ahem... me! We all know my sense of humor is right on track with an 8 year old. It cracks us up. It was only like $ can you go wrong?

Not that I would know, but I bet sophomoric bodily function noises would be especially funny on the yada, yada. You know, if you are immature enough to be entertained by them. I'm just sayin'.

Snatch one up then next time you are in Target for your Christmas stocking endeavor. Your kids will love you for it.

Blonde rascal is playing football this year. Weds. night was meet the coach and pick up your equipment. As we walked into the gym there was this row of girlies sitting in the bleachers. We were greeted with a sing-songy giggly chorus of "Hiiiiii Zaaaaaaach!" I gave them the evil eye as we passed by.

Little hussies.

Of course when we got home there had to be a trying on of all football equipment. Which I have to say is really quite a production.
My little ladies man extraordinaire.

In more exciting news, my good friend Mary has started a blog!!! Go see her and give her some lurve. Way to go Mary, you blogger you!

Mary has become the 3rd of my local posse of amiga's to blog. There is the illustrious Kristen and the smart & witty Staci. I do believe the only other friends who would be tempted to take on the blogging world would be blurker Stacey (now you have to leave a comment!) who is adorably cute and her blog would be loved by all... and the mysterious Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer NEEDS to blog. She has 3 tween/teen boys....well 4 cuz you gotta include the husband...and needs some relief, which I have told her blogging would surely provide. She is full of dry sarcasm which would crack up her masses of readers...or at least me.

I just returned from the grocery store. Shopping in preparation for our short weekend visit from our Marine, which would explain why the bill was $100 larger than normal. The boy can eat.

On that note I probably won't be back in blogville until Tues. Have an enjoyable long weekend friends!


Stacey said...

You are hilarious. Ok, I am getting better about posting a comment here and there...but yes, I need to branch out more. Its not that scary, right?! I am the closet blurker, everyone. :) LOVE reading your blog, thanks for the tip on a fun stocking stuffer. Great idea!

Nicole Ellison said...

We have one of the Yada Yadas and it provides hours of fun! It was a stocking stuffer last Christmas.

Mary said...

Yea! I got mentioned. I agree, come on Stacey and Jennifer Anniston. We're waiting!! tee, hee

Shannon said...

I've never seen one of these! I'll have to check them out. THey sound really fun!