Monday, August 11, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Hubs was playing in a golf tourney yesterday hosted by one of his customers in Hobbs, New Mexico.

He had to leave about the same time that blonde rascal and I would be leaving for church. In a fit of spontaneity I decided that blonde rascal and I could go with him for a little end of summer quicky road trip. I had NO intention of watching a golf tourney, heaven help me, but surely there would be something fun for us to do.

Me: "What can blonde rascal & I do for fun in Hobbs while you golf?"
Hubs: Blank stare. Blink.

Hobbs is kind of an arm pit of New Mexico. I'll be honest...A LOT of New Mexico is an arm pit! Sorry New Mexicans...but seriously, you agree don't you? Sure it is beautiful in the mountains and Santa Fe is all artsy fartsy cool, but the rest of the state not so much.

However all blonde rascal and I had to do was drive 90 miles past Hobbs to see......Hello Carlsbad Caverns! Probably one of the most incredible and awe inspiring places to see in the U.S. Seriously, add it to your list of things to see. I had not been in about 10 years and blonde rascal had never been.

You are lost in the middle of freakin' no where New Mexico......yet there is a wonder land beneath you, 750 ft. beneath you to be exact!

Holy stalagmites!
The token cheesy self portrait.

On the tour the park ranger told us that the only critters that live in the cave, besides the organisms in the cave pools, are flesh eating crickets.

Excuse me?
AHHHHH run for your life!!!

They come out after the lights are turned off. They are tiny and white and eat the skin cells that are sloughed off of all the human visitors each day. I think they just tell you that so you don't try to stay in the cave after it closes!
This place is phenominal, the pictures don't do it justice. Spectacular.


Anonymous said...

I know me making the first comment, is like the kiss of death to all other commenters, but, how neat that you thought of doing that, spur of the moment, what a blessing to B.R., the caverns rock, it is another creation of God we just overlook.
Lori E.

Mary said...

You know that I'm from New Mexico?????

kristen lewis said...

New Mexico gives me the heebie jeebies. I hate the yellow license plates and that stupid Kokopelli dancer. Blech.

And, I adore Carlsbad. Such a fabulous place- except for the smell as you are first going in the cave. That I could live without.

Judi said...

So cool you two could do that! HOw lucky!

Now, about the crickets! What? The first thing that came to mind was.......

if they were fat eating crickets..... I would have been clawing my way to the light switch!

Meredith said...

Cool caverns!!! Creeeeepy crickets!!

You guys have so many great adventures.