Thursday, August 7, 2008

You can pick your nose...

.... you can pick your horses....

...AND you CAN pick your horse's nose!

That my friends is the sad and disturbing evidence of what happens when the men folk are roping and I wander out there to watch.

I get bored. Really quick.

My girl Josie wasn't being roped off of and so she was bored too. She is very mischievous, which makes me happy.

Without Josie to entertain me, it is just the same old boring "roping" stuff.

They move the cattle towards the chute...
...I "man the chute" momentarily until those nasty beasts start losing control of their bowels and then I am out. After a few pictures that is.
I wonder if this freak got that tear drop tat while he was in the pen? You just can't get good cattle anymore.

Hubs traded a horse, which he does about as often as changing his undies, and got this good looking fella...His name is Thunder something...Thunder Cloud, Thunder Dome...Thunder Cat! That's it! He is a Red Roan and he is quite lovely.

Look at him work...Check out those muscles. Go Thunder Bolt! Err uh I mean Thunder Cat. I hope Thunder Cat says that about me when he looks in the window in the morning and sees ME running on the hamster wheel treadmill... "Look at those leg muscles on that chick". Hey a girl can dream.

Blonde rascal and his bevy of neighborhood beauties were watching. That was before they started playing in the dirt. A day at our house is not complete until there are dirt covered clothes!
Then the blonde rascal got to ride a sweaty and tired Thunder Cat...Kinda looks like he was on the surface of the moon or something, huh?

It was an action packed day for us. We went to blonde rascal's school in the morning to find out who is teacher is going to be this year. It was who we had requested...Mrs. Dear. How is that for a sweet teacher name?

That was followed by a trip to the dentist for a cleaning. I am proud to report that both blonde rascal and I got a clean bill of health.

After that we were off to the lovely home of hubs boss to swim.

We took our sweet next door neighbor along.
Blonde rascal is man enough to wear her pink goggles...

All the while I.......lazily lounged around watching them splash, reading a book, eating a popsicle or two and taking a dip in the pool for a nice little cool down.

I also lectured those wee children about the merits of working hard, getting an education so that one day they could be the boss.

Because when you own the joint, you can then afford to have a wicked cool swimming pool in your own backyard!


Mary said... can just have a hubs who works for a great boss, and do whatever you want!!! he,he,he

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Anonymous said...

Man, that pool looks nice!!! Your camera takes good pictures,or it is the picture taker. Love the picture of Zach with his "player" girls. They are so cute!!
Lori E.