Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Complete loss of morals

This is Gary, one of our barn cats. She is pretty, yes?

Obviously those dirty, rotten, scoundrel tom cats, that wander in and out of her life, think so too.

Yep, more kittens.AFTER she just had a litter in March. Better her than me!

They are 3 weeks old and ridiculously cute and sweet.

This is Alvin, from Gary's first litter. He is just a toddler kitty now ...
..."Mamma why are you ignoring me now that you have all those pesky mewing babies?"

Alvin was the one kitten that blonde rascal loved and held from the moment he was born. Alvin was the runt. He was also the only kitty we said we would keep besides the original 3 mom cats.

Gary is a good mom, and just like any new mamma of quadruplets she still makes time for her first born...

Now dangit that is enough cattin' around. Drastic measures are going to have to be taken. I have lectured those cats until I am blue in the face but they refuse to quit their wild ways. Looks like a trip to the vet is the only answer. Of the 3 original mom cats only Gary and Sandy are left. Patrick seems to have disappeared...probably met her demise in the form of a coyote one dark night. So that means Gary, Sandy and Alvin (because those are the ONLY cats we are keeping) need to be fixed. I wonder if the vet will give us a volume discount?

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Mary said...

I just have to ask how you are going to guarantee that these cats stick around after you "fix" them?