Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's time

I had taken off the last 2.5 weeks from running. Sort of as an end of summer lazy indulgence. It was a nice break, but honestly I don't feel as sprightly and my eating habits are worse when on a break. When I am running I don't snack as much because I don't want to blow all those calories that I suffered for that day!

This morning was it, it was time to get back on track. It hurt, oh lawsie mercy I huffed and puffed and my body tried to tell me I couldn't. But I DID. My mind told my body that it would perform.

On the i-Pod Jay-Z was asking me to "Show me what ya got lil' momma" and so I did. It wasn't pretty but I did it.

I felt love anew for having a treadmill in our house. This time last year I would take blonde rascal to school and then go to the gym. Which would get me back home at about 10:00. But now I get up at 6:00am to run in my own little cozy home, take b.r. to school and am back home by 8:15. That's what I am talking about. That gives me 2 additional hours to totally slack off be fiercely productive.

For instance I was home by 8:15 this morning and mowing the grass by 8:30. It is totally delightful outside. There is the smallest hint of Fall. The air is a little cooler...and I noticed last night my eyes were an itchy mess. A sure sign of the lovely Fall allergy season. I am pretty sure that mowing the grass did NOTHING beneficial for my allergy eyes, but it had to be done because the yard was starting to resemble a jungle!

The other thing it is time for is QUILTING!!! I had big plans to be productive in the sewing room this summer and well here is what was heard coming from the sewing room all summer....


Nada. SO it is time. I am in fact working on a top secret project that I can not show you nor talk about because the blog has ears. Also on the list, the list I can talk about, is a CUTE Halloween wall hanging that I am going to make for the Fall Festival Auction at blonde rascal's school. Plus some Christmas projects that I intended to finish before Christmas...last year! And lastly it is crazily enough not too early to start thinking of Christmas presents to make. Can you believe that.

Speaking of the sewing room, I am going to swap my sewing room and the guest bedroom. I will go into the full on details soon. I have mentioned before that I have a perpetual desire to rearrange furniture. Why? Who knows. It just brings me great joy! Normally I just think about it, do some rough measuring and then it is go time.

However with this current brilliant idea I have been thinking and thinking and planning. Obsessed with this, this and this blog. All of which have either great hobby room space or links to great hobby rooms or just downright fabulous organizing plans.

There is a lot of furniture and storage options to consider especially because my sewing room will now be in the smaller room. So on a whim I did this whole graphing out thing.What is the proper term for this? Huh pesky brother-in-law Mark? He knows because he has like 12 degrees. Architecture/Civil Engineer/Marine Biology/Psychology/Restaurant Hotel Management/English Lit./blah blah blah. Over achiever.

Back to my story....THAT was the most fun I have had ALL year! I rearranged on paper for hours! I was like a kid at Christmas. Geez if I had done this all along it would have saved a lot of sweat through the years. You really must try this.

Blonde rascal got in on the fun...although his arrangements were not always logical, you might say. It was neat though because I would point out, for instance, the fact that it would be impossible to open the drawers in that particular configuration. I would see the wheels turning in his head and he would rearrange again. Kept him entertained too.

My other assistant wanted to see how he would look laying all over the room...He is really no help at all.

I cannot start this project until Monday because The Marine is coming home this weekend! Yipee! He is still in training in Missouri but got leave for the long weekend. He will be home for just about 36 hours but that is better than nothing.

I might go make mock-ups of every room in house now. Entertaining me has always been embarrassingly easy.

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Mary said...

Now, aren't you glad school is back in session....look at everything you are getting done!