Monday, August 25, 2008

Now what?

I got blonde rascal off on the first day of 3rd grade without a hitch. Just as I have said every school did my baby get to be in 3rd grade already!

It was touch and go for about the first 30 minutes this morning. He was highly offended at being woken up before the sun.

He managed to get dressed but then could only make it this far on his way to the kitchen for breakfast....
....before he was overcome with exhaustion.

He eventually woke up enough to eat breakfast and pose for the obligatory 1st day of school picture.

One with a funny canned smile:
And then a full on cheesy whole mouth full of teeth & sun in my eyes smile:
I am not ashamed to admit that I have jumped right in to my kissing up to the teacher scheme right off the bat.Hey....a few brownie points never hurt. His teacher seems really sweet and blonde rascal has lots of friends in his class. It should be a great year. He didn't mind me walking him to his room (probably because he didn't want to be seen carrying flowers for his teacher!) but I had to grab him in order to kiss his cheek when I left. Little toot.

I went to breakfast with my friend "about to start a blog" Mary whose youngest started kindergarten today. I consoled her while she wept in her pancakes for her baby! Just kidding, she and her baby were fine. It was a fun little treat.

Then I ran in to Target for a few necessities. It was nice to calmly browse with out any "Are you done yet/Look at this Mom/Can I have this/I have to pee BAD/Can we go now/Can I get a pretzel/Can I have this?" conversations going on!

But as I drove home I was a little lonely. I came in the house and thought "now what?" as I listened to the silence. I miss my little buddy.

I'll be over it tomorrow!

For now I think I will go turn on Sponge Bob in order to break into my new freedom slowly.


Mary said...

Ah, thank you for cheering me up this morning! Can't wait to do it again! It took forever to download those pictures, don't know about a blog today, but I'm gonna do it soon, I promise!!

Lori E. said...

B.R. looked so cute and clean for his first day back!! I loved the picture of him on the ground, that looks so familiar......Did he drive himself there in his Gator?? I bet he could, that kid is ready for his drivers license. Mary got her blog going, way to be a mentor, mensa!!

Meredith said...

Oh I love suckin' up to the teacher early!! Nicely done.

B.R. looks so dapper! As always...

And your new desk looks great!!

Now for your above post...for god's sake, get those cats some condoms or somethin'!!