Saturday, April 19, 2008

101 Kittens

Our 3 charming barn cats...Patrick, Gary and Sandy...have been very busy lately. Gary delivered a bouncing litter of baby kittens about a month ago. About 2 weeks later Patrick became the proud mommy of 4. And now Sandy has the glow of an expectant mother! Oh joy.

They are CUTE little buggers though...

It is had to get a good picture because I do not want to blind them with the flash and they don't stay still long enough for a no-flash picture. Blonde rascal likes to bring them inside and put them in a pile of all his stuffed animals. They are going to be patient and lovable cats since they get so much "attention" from b.r. and the neighbor kids!

Fun while it lasts, sure but I foresee Gary, Patrick and Sandy all making a trip to the vet for a little tube tying party once all the kitties are weaned. I have seen the tom cat whom I suspect being the "baby daddy" wondering around. I need to shoo him off, tell him to pack his bags.

Hubs is out of town this weekend. I hope the weekend stays uneventful for me, what with the Smokey and well debacles of the past 2 weekends, I deserve some smooth sailing!!!!! By the way, Smokey is fine. They are waiting for the blood work results to see if they can figure out what is wrong. In the meantime though, he is great.

Scrapbook night was last night at my house. Nothing beats a gathering of the girls, eh? I didn't get much accomplished in the way of scrapbooking because my pictures are so disorganized. Today while all my stuff is scattered all over the dining room table I think I will make some attempt at organization. Despite the lack of productivity on my part, it was great to hang out. Get caught up on everyone's life and laugh!!! They harassed me for not blogging last week...but I was busy!!! I have been inspired by a couple of blogs with their re-purposing and frugalities in their home decor. That kept me busy last week. This week I will share the fabulous bloggers and their ideas that got the wheels in my head turning!

Picture organization here I come!

p.s. Mary I hope you feel better today!

p.p.s. To the person who left the full bag of dark chocolate m&m's, which I love, on my dining room table...that was not nice.


Anonymous said...

"Better your dining room table than mine," she said with a sinister smile. Maybe B.R. and Hubs would like some...if they last that long.

Meredith said...

You can ship those M&M's right on over! My ass is a goner!!!!

Oh those kitties are precious!!

Anonymous said...

You blogged!!!! It is about time sister, you better keep it up. We have to know the many amusements in your crazy life.
Lori E.