Thursday, April 24, 2008

1991. The year of the poodle

I am thinking of getting a perm. I have grown my hair out. I tend to go in the perpetual cycle of cut off, grow out, cut off, grow out.... I do like the long hair for the options. You know....flat iron or big loose curling iron curls, up or down and my prized possession the pony tail. So it would be safe to say I like the potential for different looks with long hair but would totally confirm that shorter coifs are ALWAYS more stylish, sassy and hip looking on me. But, news flash here, I am lazy and love opting out for a pony tail.

Sadly my hair is not wash and wear, which is why the pony tail is such a happy thing. I cannot wash it and go, that leaves a stringy blah mess. However the pony tail is not exactly a beautiful look on me, easy yes beautiful no.

In a few weeks I am tagging along with hubs to a conference in Phoenix. Which translates to lots of pool side lounging and heat for me. Then at the 1st of June we go to San Diego for the Marine's graduation. That translates to beach, sightseeing, Sea World stuff. Then a week after that blonde rascal is going to church camp in New Mexico...and I am too attached to let him go by himself so I volunteered to be a counselor. That translates into muddy, dirty, tired, cranky, slept on while wet hair.

All of these upcoming trips make me wonder if I should get a perm. Then my hair would be much more wash and go. I have not had a perm in 15 or so years. Can you get a big loose curl perm? Can you just get some body?

This is a delicate, risky and serious decision for me. Look how my last perm turned out...

In the name of all things holy....what was I thinking!?!?!? It was 1991 and I was a junior in college. I actually paid good money for someone to do that to me. I really went out in public like that.

Do you see why perms scare me?

I'll tell you though, this picture has brought me great joy and many giggles this morning! I think I will put it on the fridge so everyone can share in the delight of the year of the poodle.


Anonymous said...

I hate to be the first to comment, but you know I am just so glad there is something to read on your blog!! I hate to say it, and it will come as no surprise, but I love the poodle look. You should go for it. Like Brooke on American Idol. I love her hair. OK, so one vote yes.
Lori E.

Mary said...

I'm actually with Lori! I like the curly look....I'd go for it too, but Hubs wouldn't say many nice things about it, sooo, guess I'm about the get ready to begin your grow it out and cut it cycle. It's starting to bug me, so a trip to the salon may be in order before too long. I'm trying to hold out.....inspire me Brooke!!

kristen lewis said...

Throw caution to the wind. Do it, Brooke. Embrace your inner rock star.

Kellie said...

Don't feel bad. I had that hair too. I remember begging my mother in high school for a "spiral" perm, which was more expensive but so COOOOOL to have. I permed my hair in high school through college and then... just... stopped. I know what you mean about wash and go... Aussie Scrunch Spray, anyone?