Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So Hubs called...

...this morning from work. As most of you know these calls typically involve my beloved endangering my life by putting me in a precarious situation involving livestock. This conversation did not involve livestock, praise God, but instead some expensive toys...oh sorry I meant "ranch equipment"....*cough*cough*taxwriteoffs*cough*cough.


QG: "Hello"

Hubs: "Hi Baby! What are you doing? I need you to do me a favor. The forecast says it might hail and my pickup is out. I need you to unhook my trailer and put my pickup in the barn."

QC: "huh? Ummmm....I don't think I am qualified for that."

Hubs: "Sure you can do it. Just pop that handle up, kick that slide over, PUT THE TAILGATE DOWN, then put the key in the thing, get that big block out of the back of the pickup and put it under the jack stand, then push the down button. I think it still has power but if not you'll need to plug it in."

QC: "Huh?"

So here goes nothing.

I need to put the barn.

But first I have to unhitch this......the "Hilton on wheels" very carefully.

Which is simple enough right? It only involves navigating this......contraption.

Believe it or not, that all went according to plan.... as far as I can tell! The trailer lifted off the hitch AND the tail gate is still attached to the pickup. I call that success.

Then I open the barn door only to find this there. I DON'T know how to start much less drive that thing so I am hoping I can get the pickup in around it! (Learning to drive the tractor is now on my list of things to do. I could entertain myself for hours on that baby. Or maybe not because then the next phone call from hubs would involve me using my newly acquired "tractoring skillz".... scratch that idea.)

Despite all these hurdles, the mission was accomplished.Everything is in one complete, pristine piece. I'm good.

While I was out there you know I had to check on the little cuties.I pulled this little fella out of the den. No I was not choking him. They are squirmy little boogers so I was gently restraining him for picture taking. Notice the farm implement grease on my thumb? Markings of a true redneck woman. I am so proud.

Mama Gary came along and kindly asked me to remove my greasy paws from her baby.

That pretty much sums up all of my excitement for this morning.My girl Bianca had her paws crossed for me, she has faith in my ability to manage the ridiculous ranchy situations I get all entangled in against my will. She did however watch the whole ordeal intently, she was ready to rescue me if needed.

Now it is in fact raining and I am going to go wrap up my scrapbook organizing mission. Everything is mostly crazy organized now, projects lined up, pictures neatly filed away and I just have a few loose ends to wrap up. I have faced some fashion lessons that can only be painfully learned through seeing pictures of yourself. Maybe I will report on this riveting topic tomorrow.

Oh, I have a roast of Pedro in the crockpot. DadGUM I love the crockpot. Nothing like the rewarding feeling of having dinner taken care of at 9am.

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Meredith said...

Your morning adventures are always a high point in my day!!