Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Saving the earth, one photo frame at a time.

We bought our house 2 years ago, and up until last week there was a box of unloved cheesy photo frames (circa mid-90's) stashed in the hall closet. Sorting through, taking the pictures out, buying new frames and then taking the cheesy frames to Goodwill was somewhere on my life time to-do list.

One of my favorite blogs is Notes from a cottage industry. This woman is phenomenally talented and her home is so warm and welcoming. I would like to curl up with a good book at her house. This particular post made the light bulb go on over my head! Do you know how many out of style pictures like that I have given to Goodwill?!?! Good grief who knew I could have turned them into to something cool.

I am not an independently creative person but I can feed off of other's ideas. Take this 90's frame.......which has an adorable picture of a 3 month old blonde rascal, but the frame was a little dated you might say. After some inspiration from a thrifty blogger, and presto......a little more updated look, still the cute 3 month old in the picture WITH the reflection of my t-shirt & camera. I am nothing if not a talented and trick photographer.

A $3 can of black spray paint and my box of various and sundry ugly gold frames suddenly turned very cool! It was easy and cheap. Just like the buzz I caught while spray painting in the closed garage!

What else can I tell you today? Well, my 7 year old blond rascal, who stays as far away as he can from green veggies, suddenly likes asparagus. Odd.

I am happy to say that hubs is now on week 3 of his treadmill initiative. I am so proud of him. The treadmill has pre-programmed fat burning walking workouts that change the incline and speed intermittently and he said those are effectively kicking his butt.

And me, I love that dang treadmill. I will never go back to the gym. (Now if I could just figure out how to get out of that crappy contract in which I still have a year left) I get up at 6am and run and I LOVE IT! My workout is over before the day even begins!!!! However since hubs gets on the treadmill right after me in order for him to get to work in a timely manner, if I ever want to run farther than 3 miles...I will have to get up earlier. That, my friends, could be painful.

Let's talk about "Rock of Love" shall we? I did not watch it all season but then Saturday night they showed the final 2 episodes, which in a moment of mental weakness I watched. (I'll blame it on the spray paint fumes) Then Sunday night was the reunion, which was completely out of control! You can admit it if you watched it. I won't tell anyone.

I don't know what to think about it all really. I mean was Bret looking for a relationship or a fellow rocker chick? I was thinking relationship, because well for the past 20 years he had millions of party girl opportunities. Amber was the only choice really because poor Daisy is no doubt terminally wasted. However, I thought Amber was out of her league, as far as the rocker lifestyle and she tried a little too hard.

Honestly, I think Bret is kind of a nice guy. I mean he is what he is, and that is a rock-n-roll dude. Be that as it may, he seems somewhat sincere and real.

By the way I loved me some Poison in high school....well OK still do. Have a song or two on my ipod honestly. AND I am proud to say I can rock some "Talk Dirty to Me" on Guitar Hero!


Anonymous said...

Ok, so if he meets someone to love, how does he have a season 3 "Rock of Love" I think he may be a manho, and not capable of any true love. I could be wrong. I have to admit that I found the wrap up show and could not stop watching the train wreck. Love the frames!!!
Lori E.

Kellie said...

Ok -- I watched it. The whole season. My hubby mocks me, but I love a good train wreck. And I loved watching creepy, icky, plastic Daisy fall apart. Priceless!

Love the frame makeover! Good job!

Meredith said...

I love the analysis of Bret's love life. He is what he is. So true. I want him to find love, but I would love another season of this show! It's awesome!!

You are inpsiring me with the treadmill...I am really wanting hubbo to purchase one soon!!

Anonymous said...

ok I will jump on this bandwagon, too. We watched pieces of the reunion show. It was as if when we realized what we were staring at we changed the channel, but somehow we kept winding up back on that silly show. I totally agree Daisy is a loon.