Monday, December 17, 2007


I am done. Finito. Washing my hands of all shopping. Yesterday I went out with my final, revised, edited, re-edited and scratched through master list. I got it ALL. I am done! Even down to the stocking stuffers! Everyplace was crowded but since I knew exactly what I was getting and where, I pretty much zipped in and out. OK well, except at Circuit City with the pimply faced teenage holiday help who have no customer service skills and only begrudgingly have jobs because their parents made them! I do have two catalog orders that I am keeping my fingers crossed will arrive this week. Not to mention the Guitar Hero I ordered from WalMart online...and chose to have it shipped to the store, because it is free and I am cheap. Well it would be the nature of the beast that I will probably sweat that one out until Christmas Eve!!!

It was cold here Friday and we got a little dusting of snow Sat. morning. It is warming back up to the 60's this week. Saturday night we had dinner with two of hub's friends from high school and their wives. Those 3 boys were trouble makers of epic proportions back in the day and are still the best of friends. We had an uproariously good time at dinner and no doubt made way too much noise with our laughter at the quiet reserved restaurant we were at!

So today, today I am wrapping (in order to keep a curious blonde rascal out of trouble.) I am cleaning this house. Oh my heaven above it is a mess. Blonde rascal's room looks like the end of civilization as we know it! I am throwing away broken and/or missing piece toys, giving to Goodwill what the child no longer plays with and I bought a shelving unit to put in his closet. (Architects should hire moms as consultants before designing closets, yes?) Of course I must do the throwing away and donating before the little elf gets out of school! You know what I am saying!?!? Then I must finish my scrapbooky gifts AND I saw some cute and easy ornaments on a blog that I am going to make. I will show you later.

My neighbor is having some sort of book party tonight. Osbourne is the name of the company I think. Never heard of it. I am a sucker for children's books, but really need to lay off the check writing...for the rest of the year!!! Tomorrow night is book club, we are going out for Mexican food as a little Christmas celebration and drink margaritas....oops well I mean discuss our book! Thursday is blonde rascal's party at school. Finally that is it, the obligations are OVER! Then comes the reward of the crazy month, when you can relax with your family and enjoy the beauty of the season. Ahhhhhh.


Anonymous said...

Brooke you must slow down, you make me so tired!! You know I comment on more than one blog at a time, because I do not follow rules. I TOO love the tote from the previous blog and the picture of Zach. What block party?? C-Ya!
Lori E.

Meredith said...

I hear you Brooke! After Saturday, my life can come to a calm standstill. Well, sort of. CAlmer anyhow.

Congrats on the shopping being done!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hope you had fun at your Margarita, uh I mean book party. LOL!!!Cheers