Monday, December 10, 2007


Yep, it's Monday. It is a cold and cloudy and misty and grey Monday. I did not go to the gym this morning...BUT I have already taken all the trash to the dumpster, fed the horses for hubs who was in a huge hurry this morning, put a load of laundry in, moved some firewood onto the porch, gave Missy a bath, have beans soaking and a ham bone defrosting so we can have a big ol' pot of beans for dinner!

Now I am resting for a minute with my cup of coffee. I have the tree lights on....ahhhhh. Missy, who is mad because of the before mentioned bath, is sitting behind me by my neck, shivering. I put the heating pad on her as a peace offering and now I think she may be a little less mad.

We had good weekend. Friday hubs took me out to dinner with MIL and blonde rascal for my birthday. We had mexican food and, as is always the case, post- dinner I felt uncomfortably full and questioned why I would stuff my face like that! Not too full, I should mention, to pass up ice cream afterwards. Hey, it was my birthday afterall!

So I got the results back from my blood tests and everything is completely normal. My thyroid levels were right on track. Obviously that day at the dr.'s office my thyroid was simply having a puffy day. It happens to all of us! I guess what I thought might be symptoms i.e. dry skin...hello eczema on my face..and hair loss...I thought I was losing more hair than normal when I combed it after a shower....are all just a part of my quirky self. Of course the eczema could be explained by the fact that I live in a desert...and the hair, I am letting it grow so maybe longer hair seems more substantial leftover in the comb, than shorter. The trauma of having blood drawn...all for nothing! Well, I am thankful my blood is normal though. That is very nice to know!

Saturday I was busy in the kitchen. I made cookies for Christmas Cookie Lorie's Christmas Cookie Exchange Party. (Say that three times fast!) And I made Shabee Chick's homemade hot chocolate mix for the neighbors.

The best part of that day in the kitchen was Pioneer Woman's "Penne a la Betsy" recipe, which is shrimp penne pasta. Holy cow, THAT was good. Blonde rascal even chowed on it! It had heavy cream in it......gee maybe I should have gone to the gym this morning!

Blonde rascal put on his dancing shoes Saturday morning!

Getting his groove on!

That kid, he is good for my soul. He does know how to crack his Mom up!

So, today. I am making this cute (and hopefully easy) tote bag...

out of this CUTE fabric...

for someone for Christmas.

I got the email from Shutterfly saying the Christmas cards are on their way! I have to get cracking on the address labels. Then, there are 2 remaining scrapbooky type gifts to be finished. Looks like I have enough to do today to keep me out of trouble. Better luck tomorrow!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Blonde rascal can sure bust a move huh? LOL Love the fabric your making the bag out of. Glad your ok and blood work was AOK!!
Hey, we had ham and beans on Sunday. YUMMMYYYY

Meredith said...

Brooke, I loved this post! So many good photos and such a great image of your busy morning! Have a great day!!