Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It always starts out so sweet.

The phone call from hubs. For example the one that came after I dropped off the carpool bunch at school yesterday morning...

Hubs: "Hi hot mama, did you already drop the kids off"
(Hmmmm a cute little term of endearment, I am suspicious.)

QC: "yes"

Hubs: "Now what are you going to do?"

QC: "Just go to the gym and then back home"

Hubs: "Will you do me a favor when you get home?"
("favor" usually means some kind of grunt work outside, ALWAYS messy and probably perilous!)

QC: "uhhhhh.... OK"

Hubs: "Well I think the hose to the trough in the back pasture froze and popped off so the water needs to be turned off. No big deal, I will fix it when I get home but would you turn the water off for me please?"
(sure this sounds innocent but it means wet, messy, cow poopie, sloshy mess!)

QC:" Uhhh, water spewing everywhere, are the cows in the pasture, is it flooded...?"

Hubs:"ThankyousomuchIloveyoubye!" Click.

When I get home I am thankfully smart enough to pull on sweats and a jacket over my gym clothes and put on hubs mud boots. As I traipse out to the pasture I am greeted by the pesky wildlife...

"Hey silly pansy ass human fast can you run?"

You can't tell in this picture but yes the water is spewing and yes the wind is blowing some 50mph! So I wade my way through the muddy, stinky, poop enriched water and turn off the faucet.

To this punk I say...

"You are HAMBURGER dude, now scram!"

As I return safely from my adventure, albeit sufficiently sprayed and now shivering, look who is waiting for me,

It's Skeeter looking all dapper in his coat.

Then there is Leo.

He did not give me the time of day, a little preoccupied you might say.

But never fear, my sister friend Josie was so glad to see me!

I told her I was sorry about the blue coat. I assured her she did not look fat in it. I explained that I really rooted for the pink one with leopard trim when the coats were being ordered but her masculine owner dude wouldn't not have it. We chit chatted for a little while longer, I told her Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant and then we posed for a self portrait...

Hey don't hate! Not everyone can look as incredibly fantastically beautiful as I do after a sweaty 3 mile run and then being doused with cold water WHILE walking thought pools of cow crap in 45 degrees & high winds!!! It's just the way I roll!


kristen lewis said...

It's just the way you roll? You are a mess girl, and that is what I love about you! That and the fact that you take pictures of your boots in mud. You are officially a blogger now!

Anonymous said...

You're rockin' the cow poop! How nice to have horses to gossip with... I is so jealous!

Anonymous said...

I think Dr. Proctor owes you BIG TIME, I don't care how sweet he've gone above and beyond the call of a princess.
Jennifer Anniston

Meredith said...

Brooke you are hilarious!!! I love the post. So glad you got to "commune" with your wildlife family, whether you wanted to or not!!