Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hello Christmas!

It's coming whether we are ready or not! I think I am on the downhill slope of the craziness...I hope. The weeks surrounding Thanksgiving were where all of the madness took place for me with parties and obligations. From here until Christmas the hustle and bustle is more evenly dispersed on the calendar so I am sort of breathing a sigh of relief!

We got back Tuesday from our trip to Dallas. It was such a quick trip but fun none the less. I was so glad to see my pesky brother-in-law Mark, my SIL and niece & nephew! I sure miss those turkeys! It was fun running around with Aunt Gay and MIL..."older ladies" can be entertaining you know! (They are both terribly guilty of "blurking" so maybe now as they gasp in disbelief that I called them old they will be prompted to LEAVE A COMMENT!!!) I had fun laughing both AT and WITH them!!!!!!

Yesterday I ordered the Christmas cards, put my thinking cap on and made a list ( yes pesky brother-in-law Mark there is something big and very, very expensive on the list for you...however, you should know, just being "on" the list does not insure that said item will in fact be purchased!) and now am feeling much better about the whole thing!

I also had a dentist appt. yesterday and then had to go and have my blood drawn. At my yearly exam my Dr. said my thyroid was enlarged, to which I told him no way I just need neck lipo! Anyway, I went and had a sonogram and thankfully there were no masses or growth on my thyroid. So off to run blood tests. I am a needle phobe of epic proportions so this is not my favorite thing to do. I have notoriously hidden and rolling veins! The blood drawer guy, who was very nice & funny, tied off one arm and could not find a vein. I told him I was a robot. So he tied off the other arm and found a vein, stuck it and then told me I was the bionic woman because I had no blood! At which point I start to feel really pukey because I know he was moving the needle around looking for blood. Ugh. However, it did not hurt, he did indeed finally find blood AND then he gave me a sucker. I did not think I had thyroid symptoms but after a little research I think I actually might. So who knows I might start taking the meds and feel like a new woman!!!! My big 3-0...opps I mean my big 3-7 is on Saturday and I attribute this new malady due to my rapid approach to 40! I will begin to fall apart no doubt! Well, I have always been so very healthy and so if thyroid problems is all that is wrong with me right now, then I will take it and continue to be so thankful for my health!

I took my machine quilting class last Thursday and I think I will be able to do it!!! I am going to make my first attempt on the quilt I made in my beginners class. Appropriate to do my first machine quilting on my newbie quilt I think. I am excited about it. I'll keep you posted on my progress but I won't show close ups of the finished project!!!

After my weekend in Dallas and then running around yesterday it is really time to get with the gameplan today. Namely, laundry. Yipee for me. Before I go I'll give you a little Christmas tour of our house.

Here is the tree. Placement in this house has always been a bit of a predicament for me. We have an open living room with not much wall space which usually means I have to move a chair out to make room for the tree. Which leads to another predicament because you need all the seating you can get at Christmas time. So this year we put the tree sort of between the living room and dining room. The final predicament is what to do with the presents as I know of a little puppy elf who may think it would be fun to spend her free time unwrapping!

This was our first fake tree. A little rustic looking Charlie Brown-ish tree. We did not have a lot of room in our previous house so this sweet little tree was perfect. I put it in the corner of the breakfast area. Notice the irritating grapes/vine/brick faux painting number sprouting out of the top of the tree. Ugh...must paint!

Yeah! Looky what I got! While in Dallas Macy's was having half off of their Christmas Spode. I have collected some random pieces through the years but did not have a complete set of the dishes. So sweet MIL bought me a 12 piece set for my birthday, and hubs (who was not with us but that did not matter!) happily, although unknowingly, bought me a set too! So now I am fixed up! I need to work on the "table scape" but just wanted to show a picture. I also bought those adorable Spode s & p shakers.

Next in the dining room is my Willow Tree nativity which I simply adore.

More nativity action on the end table.

Here is our shout out to Christmas in Texas!

This is blonde rascal's favorite way to count down the days!

Here is the fireplace. Those glowing red orbs are really cute red sparkly bandana print balls. The are not lighted so I have no explanation for the glowing phenomenon.

Some of our favorite Christmas books to snuggle up with and read. Along with the plate and cup ready to leave offerings for Santa!

More Texas fun with cowboy Santa stocking holders!

Here is my Dickens Village collection. We bought our first piece on our honeymoon and then continued that tradition for a few more years...but then you run out of display room! So I am happy with my little collection that fits perfectly in the bookshelf.

With blonde rascal, you always know where he has been by the trail of hot wheels. He does not wander far without a hot wheel or two. It seems that the blonde elf procured the step stool and worked his magic in my village! Upon closer inspection here is what I found....

It would appear that there is a Christmas tree buying frenzy in the village and people are loading up their cars!

Opps a little traffic mishap! Someone drove into a tree! Hmmmm, a little too much eggnog at the company party perhaps?

Finally we have the "Po-Po" pulling over a muscle car. Damn teenage drivers.

Nothing says Christmas like hot wheels in the Christmas village!


Anonymous said...

"It's the most wonderful time of the year...." How cute your Christmas house looks!!! I have never heard of Christmas spode before. But I like it. And....I thought I was the only one you called old and laughed at. Hello Christmas....Wooooo Hoooooo.

plumtickled said...

Wow! You're house looks great...... even with the stupid grapes!

We just put our tree up and only have the lights on it .... until this afternoon.

I love your idea of the suitcases, books and plate/glass. I wish I had room in my living room to do that too! REally cute!

Anonymous said...

Something very expensive on the list for your brother-in-law?

Jack LaLane juicer, come to papa...