Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sewing Room Fun!

This picture has nothing to do with my sewing room. Why should my blog start making sense now? Anywhoo, I was looking at past Christmas pictures and dadgumit, here is blonde racal 2 1/2 years old Christmas morning 2002. He is checking out all of his sweet loot from Santa. Kristen, (hi Kristen!) don't tell me that Carter is now wearing those jammies. Please no, I will cry big sad Mommy tears realizing how quickly my tiny love of a boy has grown!

I started out my morning in my sewing room to finish the tote bag. Here is what some ill-mannered puppy did while I was slaving away at my machine...

So much for that random Nerf ball. I doubt that its trajectory will be as straight as it once was when launched from the good ol' Nerf gun now!

Naughty Missy then scampered off to wreak havoc somewhere else.

Thinking the coast is clear, Val comes into the sewing room for a visit.

"Hello, I am insulin dependent. Good heavens woman, why is this room such a mess?"

Uh-oh, looks who's back!

"Hello, I am unbelievably cute, I know, but I am also irrationally, insanely jealous when any cat gets near my human!"

I am trying to sew and this ruckus is going on right under my feet!

The little game, between those two dopes, then continued like this...

There was lots of hissing, gnashing of teeth, slaps to the forehead but it was all in good fun. In the end they licked each other (well Missy licked Val's ear but Val would never stoop so low to lick a dog) and made up!

Despite all of this rowdy interruption I did manage to finish the tote!

Here is a glimpse, there is a small remote chance that the recipient may read my blog so I won't show too much!

The pattern was fairly easy to follow. There was some talking to myself and mumbling of measurements but I got it done! The next time around it will be much easier to make.

Look, I even put a pocket on the inside!

That was not part of the pattern, but Aunt Gay puts a pocket in hers...and well I do what she does because she is wise beyond her years! (That is not a reference of any type to her age. Honest! Actually it makes her sound young!! I'll be back in her good graces now!) And besides all that, I hate a big tote bag with no smaller side pocket. Don't you? I mean then you have to rummage through your sweaty gym clothes or whatever to try and find your cell phone or lip gloss!

So, I got that present finished AND mailed the Christmas cards. Score for me today!


Meredith said...

Pretty bag! Hilarious pets! I swear, my son is allergic to cats, but I'd puppy sit Missy anytime!! What breed is she? Long-hair daschund?! So cute!

Mary said...

Well..........Hunter wore those p.j.'s last winter, so they are in Carter's possession now, and since he is as big as Hunter, I'm sure he is wearing them now. I got sad when I saw the picture, and that was just last year!! And thank you for making me that tote!!! You know I read your blog, did you forget???? :) ha,ha

kristen lewis said...

I swear that I am not making this up. Carter is wearing those pjs sleeping like a little angel in bed as I type this! I LOVE those pjs, and it made me almost teary seeing the blonde rascal in them. I am going to blink and Carter will be that big. Sniff. . .

plumtickled said...

OH LORD....... I have dopey animals too! Cats do rule don't they?

Your bag is beautiful! I love the colors and the pockets! Great job!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Brooke, I love that fabric and that bag looks cute. Aren't animals funny? They can keep you entertained forever.